MTG-930D G-Shock Recovery by Sjors


Sjors is back with a special 50Gs post on his that needed some help. These first generation rechargeable solar watches had issues with batteries going bad prematurely. He documented the entire battery change project thoroughly. The photos show the entire disassembly process. Take a look and see how it's done.

MTG-930D G-Shock […]

Japanese Red Cross Society x G-Shock GW-400 Silencer


Kung-fusion spotted this rare limited edition GW-400 Silencer over in the Yahoo Japan Auctions. This was a collaboration with the Japanese Red Cross Society. It must have been released sometime around 2005-2009. It features a few custom features. There's a logo and text on top of the display, a custom backlight […]

20th Anniversary GW-300MLJ-1JF G-Shock Package, The G


Mitch100 managed to pick up a 20th Anniversary GW-300MLJ-1JF G-Shock, and posted some great photos of the unique package. This model was a limited edition 2003 release. It came in a custom box and has a companion book. Casio produced 2,013 of these watches and each is numbered on the […]

Year of the Horse G-2900BT-7V G-Shock


Sjors has picked a special limited edition watch to feature this week. The G-2900BT-7V G-Shock was released as part of the 12 Beasts series in 2003. These are exceptionally rare and were available in Hong Kong as a special 20th Anniversary edition. This G-Shock has two stand out features. The case […]

City Code NYC G-5500TS-8 G-Shock


This week the City Code NYC G-5500TS-8 G-Shock is getting the 50Gs treatment. This limited edition series also includes a Tokyo model that Sjors has as well. This black watch has a couple interesting design details. The resin strap holder is a clear jelly one. And there's a custom red backlight […]

Metal Twisted MTG-120 G-Shock

Filed under: 2000s, Casio G-Shock

Sjors has picked an MTG-120 G-Shock to feature this week. Casio released this model back around 2001, and we haven't seen any of this sort of metal case design in a while. The MT-G models are sort of a cousin to the MR-G line of watches. The first two letters stand for […]

Nano Universe x Casio G-Shock DW-5600NU-9JR


Sjors has selected the limited edition DW-5600NU-9JR G-Shock from 2006 to feature this week. This collaboration watch has a few custom design details that makes it stand out. The metal parts area ll gold colored and match the gold face plate design around the negative LCD. The Nano Universe logo is featured […]