Casio G-Shock

Preview of Upcoming G-Shocks


A whole bunch of new G-Shocks have popped up on display in Japan. There's a new model featuring the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, a new black Gulfmaster, Men In Rescue Red series and more. Most of these are limited editions that will be released over the next few months. We will […]

MTG-930D G-Shock Recovery by Sjors


Sjors is back with a special 50Gs post on his that needed some help. These first generation rechargeable solar watches had issues with batteries going bad prematurely. He documented the entire battery change project thoroughly. The photos show the entire disassembly process. Take a look and see how it's done.

MTG-930D G-Shock […]

Apple Watch?

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What do you think about the new Apple Watch? Think it will have any affect on G-Shocks? Are smart watches going to affect Casio in any way? Will we see a G-Shock smart watch? Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this new wearable technology. It will be interesting to see […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.156


Automatically translated from Japanese.
Attention model [latest] released
"MUSIC control" in the Bluetooth Smart corresponding G-SHOCK!
"G'MIX (Gee Mix)" appeared New!

G'Mix GBA-400 G-Shock

"MEN IN RESCUE RED" appeared from the Master of G series!
The line-up of three models RANGEMAN, MUDMAN, of GULFMAN

Club G-SHOCK News No.155


Automatically translated from Japanese
Attention model [latest] released
I have a combination of large rotary switch to big case NEW model of the combination!
I realize the bright gold color ever! "Crazy Gold"
▼ SHOP information
G-SHOCK STORE in the Tohoku area's first open on July 26!

Tyko Moon x G-Shock GDX-6900-7TY2 Collaboration


Tyko Moon unveiled his second G-Shock collaboration at the Soho store collector's event. This new limited edition GDX-6900-7TY2 is the first two color GDX-6900 model to be released. Only 50 watches have been produced and the chance to buy one was raffled away at the event. The retail price is $200 USD. […]

G-Shock x Sasha Snoom DW-6900 Collaboration


Sasha Snoom won a European G-Session competition to have his new custom G-Shock created. Casio did a G-Shock event in St. Petersburg to announce the release of this limited edition. It's hard to make out too many details from the Russian posts. This is likely a very limited edition watch. Check […]