DIY Project

MTG-930D G-Shock Recovery by Sjors


Sjors is back with a special 50Gs post on his that needed some help. These first generation rechargeable solar watches had issues with batteries going bad prematurely. He documented the entire battery change project thoroughly. The photos show the entire disassembly process. Take a look and see how it's done.

MTG-930D G-Shock […]

Vintage DW-5600C G-Shock Restoration Project


Over on WUS irmojon has been posting his progress on a project to restore his grandfather's vintage DW-5600C G-Shock. The resin parts have fallen apart and the crystal has some really bad scratches. He managed to find a NOS replacement bezel on an online auction, and he is determined to polish out the […]

New G-Shock Videos


Fwupow made this full video review of the new GD-350-8 G-Shock.

And also this video showing how to change a DW-6600 or DW-6900 G-Shock battery.

G Comando Custom 30th Anniversary DW-5600 G-Shocks


The G Comando crew has been hard at work designing and building their own custom 30th Anniversary G-Shocks. They took a classic DW-5600E G-Shock and added custom backlight image with the 30th Anniversary logo below their name. And the case backs are each numbered. Another great project by these guys in Spain. […]

How To Change a Battery in a G-3110D G-Shock


Sjors has put totgether a special post showing how to change the battery in a G-3110D G-Shock. This procedure is a little more complicated than the usual battery change. There's a few extra parts to be removed, so it makes for a more interesting project. There's lots of pictures of the entire […]

How To Change a DW-8030G G-Shock Battery


The Horology Crazy blog has a post showing how to change the battery in a DW-8030G-1V G-Shock. This is a lesser know Casio model with an interesting bezel and LCD design. It has gold accents and a gold-tinted display. Take a look at the full post to get a good look at all […]

How to Polish an Old G-Shock Watch Crystal


El Xispas has posted an excellent how-to guide showing the cleaning up the crystals of some old beat up G-Shocks. The original post is in Spanish since it's over in the Hablemos de Relojes forum. There's lots of photos of the entire process. It looks like some careful polishing with the right […]