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G-Shock Poll: What Do You Want in December?


There's a new batch of G-Shock reviews and giveaways coming next month, and we need your feedback to pick the watches. There's a bunch of limited editions and a few new GX-56 models to choose from.
Which of the below 12 G-Shocks would you like in your collection?













Take a good look at all […]

G-Shocker Poll: What G-Shocks Do You Want?

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Here's your chance to vote for what you want to see on this website in the future. And you might get one of these G-Shocks for free. Take a look at the forum post linked to below to see what each watch looks like. There's 65 G-Shocks to choose from, and we […]

What's the Most You Would Ever Pay for a G-Shock

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G-Shocker poll time. It's anonymous.

Would you pay more for a different brand of watch? Or less?

Where Do You Buy Your G-Shocks?

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Not much in the way of G-Shock news so far today. Let's see where you guys like to buy your G-Shocks.

Post any recommendations in the comments section below.

What's Your Favorite Recent G-Shock Series?

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There's been lots of great series in the last couple years. What's your favorite of the bunch?

What G-Shock Series Do You Want?

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Pick up to five.
Add more or elaborate by posting in the comments section.

How Many G-Shocks Do You Have Now?

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There's not much news today, so lets see how your G-Shock collections are doing.