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Club G-SHOCK News No.183


G-STEEL GST-W110D analog/digital
Black & Red Series limited edition G-Shocks

Club G-Shock News No. 179


GWF-D1000 Frogman:
2016 G-Lide New Releases:
G-Shock Real Toughness:

Club G-SHOCK News No.177


New Tricolor Series

Master of G Mudmaster: GG-1000 G-Shocks

September 2013 New G-Shock Releases in Japan


Casio Japan has announced the release of 15 new G-Shock models for next month in Japan. There's a nice range of colors to choose from in these series. There's a new batch of low energy Bluetooth watches, and plenty of metal G buttons. The three clear jelly models are interesting choices too. […]

Swagger x G-Shock Plaid Collaboration DW-5600


Swagger has designed a new limited edition DW-5600 "Shock The World" G-Shock. This glossy black watch features a negative LCD and a whole lot of plaid printing on the bands. Only 100 pieces will be produced. They will only be for sale at Swagger stores in Japan, with a retail price of […]