Apple Watch?

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What do you think about the new Apple Watch? Think it will have any affect on G-Shocks? Are smart watches going to affect Casio in any way? Will we see a G-Shock smart watch? Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this new wearable technology. It will be interesting to see […]

Hong Kong G-Shock Shopping Trip


Cedric took a trip to Hong Kong and took some photos of G-Shocks along the way. This is a great city for G-Shock shopping. Check out the G-Shock Wiki page for some good advice on where to go while there (and in other cities too). The shops there have a huge selection of […]

G-Shock Questionnaire and the Buzzbait Challenge

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Buzzbait caused some real interest over on WUS with his G-Shock Q&A post. And now Sjors has a new challenge for all of you based on one of its questions. "Can you rock a yellow G-Shock for an entire week?" For some it's a real challenge to wear a brightly colored G-Shock […]

Walk Inside the Taipei, Taiwan G-Shock Store with Google Streetview

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Now you can take a look inside the Taipei, Taiwan G-Shock Store yourself. From anywhere. Google Streetview has done an interior photo capture of the entire retail store. So you can virtually explore it in quite amazing detail. You can walk right up to the display cases and even stand in […]

Friday the 13th Special: Jason G-001CB-9 G-Shock


Sjors has created a special post for this Friday the 13th. Today he is featuring the "Winter Gold" series G-001CB-9 Jason G-Shock. This limited edition came out about a year ago. Check it out along with the infamous Jason hockey mask. And these watches are still available online, if you feel […]

Lego Watch Stands

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Sjors put together a post showing off some custom Lego watch stands. The inspiration for their design came from LUW's original post on Watchuseek. It's a simple a fun way to show off your G-Shocks. The colorful Lego designs offer a unique way to display your G-Shocks. You can build them […]

Shock the World 2013: The whole story

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I had planned to cover the 2013 Shock the World event in NYC this year like I have in previous years. I made a trip to NYC for this purpose and was planning on covering it in depth, as I have before. My plan was also to live Tweet as much of the […]