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Club G-SHOCK News No.159


Automatically translated from Japanese
[Latest] December launch of the attention model!
The emergence of G-SHOCK × Kevin Lyons tie-up model!
Popular model collaboration of "GB-5600B" equipped with Bluetooth R.

G-SHOCK fan must see!
Latest issue's theme is "journey"

New G-Shock Releases: Casio Japan November 2014


Casio Japan has the 20 new G-Shock models that will be released in November 2014. There's a whole range of new watches to choose from. There's five camo models, three 5600s with face protectors, avitators, limited editions and Lover's pairs. Take a look and see what's going on your Christmas wish list.

AWG-M100BC-1GJF, AWG-M510BB-1AJF, DW-5600P-1JF, […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.158


Automatically translated from Japanese.

[Latest] November launch of the attention model!
In GPS hybrid Solar radio model The world's oldest Air Force ROYAL AIR FORCE (Royal Air Force) Tie-up model and appeared!
Reprinted as New model! Form design equipped with a protector!
New model […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.157


Automatically translated from Japanese!
Attention model [latest] released
I was on the theme of military color "Rescue Orange Series (Rescue Orange Series)" appeared!
New color appeared in [popular] GPS hybrid Solar radio model!
GA-110 that incorporates a camouflage Large metallic feeling there appeared!
September release:

New Crazy Gold Series of G-Shocks


A new Crazy Gold series of G-Shocks has also been spotted in Japan. There's not much in the way of details for these watches yet, but see for yourself. All together there are six waches in the series. It looks like there's couple different variations of gold finishes to choose from. These […]

New 2014 Lover's Collection G-Shocks and Baby-G Watches


Two new pair of Lover's Collection watches will be released by Casio Japan in November. These white watches all feature gold trim and come in matching heart-shaped boxes. There's an analog/digital pair of G-Shock and Baby-G, or a digital 5600 set to choose from. These are usually produced in very small numbers, […]

New Rescue Orange Series of G-Shocks: GW-M5610MR, AWG-M510MR, AWG-M100MR, DW-D5500MR GA-110MR


Want some more bright orange G-Shocks? You're in luck then. There's a new limited edition series of Rescue Orange G-Shocks coming out soon. This new batch of five watches was just spotted in Japan. They are due to be released in October 2014 there, and the US and other markets should see […]