New Releases

Two New AWG-510 G-Shocks


The new Casio catalog reveals two AWG-510 watches will be released in June 2014. These two analog/digital watches owe their design to the classic AW-500-1E which was the 19th G-Shock ever released and came out in 1989. Their retail price in Japan is about $223 USD. Each features Multiband 6 atomic time […]

New Gulfmaster G-Shock GWN-1000 Models!


Casio Japan is about to unveil a brand new series of G-Shocks titled Gulfmaster. The first batch of four watches is due to be released in July 2014. Each one is an analog/digital diver watch with a totally new case and bezel design. They feature large amounts of lume and an LED […]

Four New G-Lide G-Shocks Coming Soon


This April Casio will be releasing these four new G-Glide models. The G-Shock model numbers are GWX-8900C-3JF, GWX-8900D-2JF, GLX-5600C-1JF and GLX-5600C-2JF. The 8900 models feature glossy neon colors, and the 5600 models are more subtly colored with jelly resin parts. The retail prices are about $214 and $120 USD respectively. They look like […]

Black x Blue 2014 G-Shock Series


Casio is releasing a new limited edition series of five G-Shocks named Black x Blue. Each watch features a blue-tinted LCD, black resin parts and blue accents. These are slightly reminiscent of the Master Blue series from 2007. The retail prices on these new models ranges from $175-$242 USD. They are […]

MT-G G-Shock Model MTG-S1000D-1A4JF Coming Soon


A new MTG-S1000D-1A4JF G-Shock watch is due to be released in May 2014. This model features Smart Access, Tough MVT and Multiband 6 technology. It's produced in Casio's "Premium Production Line" factory in Yamagata, Japan. The Japanese retail price is about $922 USD. This chronograph comes on a metal bracelet and […]

New DW-5600P G-Shock Watches with Classic Metal Face Protectors


Casio is about to release a new set of Baby-G watches that feature the classic 5600 style face protectors. They have been spotted in the new Casio catalog. It looks like these will be coming out in May 2014. And this also means that we should be able to order these new face […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.149


Automagically translated from Japanese
New products released in March
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• The Master of G series , of the military " MEN IN NAVY " appeared ! RANGEMAN which was equipped with Triple Sensor , MUDMAN dust Bodoro structure , ISO compliant 3 […]