New Releases

New Rescue Orange Series of G-Shocks: GW-M5610MR, AWG-M510MR, AWG-M100MR, DW-D5500MR GA-110MR


Want some more bright orange G-Shocks? You're in luck then. There's a new limited edition series of Rescue Orange G-Shocks coming out soon. This new batch of five watches was just spotted in Japan. They are due to be released in October 2014 there, and the US and other markets should see […]

New Glossy Black Series of G-Shocks: GW-8900BB, AWG-M510BB and GW-M5610BB


A new Glossy Black series of G-Shocks has been spotted in Japan. These three watches feature a stealthy look that shines bright. There's very little in the way of color, but the deep rich gloss is sure to catch some eyes. These are due to be released in November 2014, and we […]

New Black x Gold Series AWG-M100BC, MTG-M900BD and GW-2310BD


Casio Japan has started to show off the new Black x Gold series of G-Shocks. There's going to be three new Japanese models to choose from. These should be coming out sometime in November in Japan. Look for more details on export releases.

Black x Gold MTG-M900BD-1GJF

Black x Gold series AWG-M100BC-1GJF, MTG-M900BD-1GJF and […]

New 2014 Camouflage G-Shocks: Real World Photos


Take a look at a whole bunch of new camo G-Shocks models coming out soon in Japan. You can choose from a variety of analog/digital GA-100, DW-6900 and GLS-8900 G-Lide models. Casio has developed some new technology for printing the camo patterns. We will see how these hold up to previous versions. Any […]

Lots of GA-400 G-Shocks + Bluetooth Coming Soon


Casio seems to be really excited about the new GA-400 design. There's a lot of new models coming out soon in a variety of colors. And there's even a few Bluetooth versions too. Take a look and see if any of these appeal to you.

Colorful new GA-400 G-Shocks

New Bluetooth GA-400 series

Colorful New DW-5600P G-Shocks with Face Protectors


Casio has a whole bunch of new models coming out soon. And a bunch of real world photos have turned up after being on display in Japan. Take a look at all the colorful new options coming out soon. We will have to wait and see about the availability and launch dates outside Japan. […]

Preview of Upcoming G-Shocks


A whole bunch of new G-Shocks have popped up on display in Japan. There's a new model featuring the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, a new black Gulfmaster, Men In Rescue Red series and more. Most of these are limited editions that will be released over the next few months. We will […]