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New 2014 Camouflage G-Shocks: Real World Photos


Take a look at a whole bunch of new camo G-Shocks models coming out soon in Japan. You can choose from a variety of analog/digital GA-100, DW-6900 and GLS-8900 G-Lide models. Casio has developed some new technology for printing the camo patterns. We will see how these hold up to previous versions. Any […]

Lots of GA-400 G-Shocks + Bluetooth Coming Soon


Casio seems to be really excited about the new GA-400 design. There's a lot of new models coming out soon in a variety of colors. And there's even a few Bluetooth versions too. Take a look and see if any of these appeal to you.

Colorful new GA-400 G-Shocks

New Bluetooth GA-400 series

Colorful New DW-5600P G-Shocks with Face Protectors


Casio has a whole bunch of new models coming out soon. And a bunch of real world photos have turned up after being on display in Japan. Take a look at all the colorful new options coming out soon. We will have to wait and see about the availability and launch dates outside Japan. […]

Preview of Upcoming G-Shocks


A whole bunch of new G-Shocks have popped up on display in Japan. There's a new model featuring the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, a new black Gulfmaster, Men In Rescue Red series and more. Most of these are limited editions that will be released over the next few months. We will […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.155


Automatically translated from Japanese
Attention model [latest] released
I have a combination of large rotary switch to big case NEW model of the combination!
I realize the bright gold color ever! "Crazy Gold"
▼ SHOP information
G-SHOCK STORE in the Tohoku area's first open on July 26!

Tyko Moon x G-Shock GDX-6900-7TY2 Collaboration


Tyko Moon unveiled his second G-Shock collaboration at the Soho store collector's event. This new limited edition GDX-6900-7TY2 is the first two color GDX-6900 model to be released. Only 50 watches have been produced and the chance to buy one was raffled away at the event. The retail price is $200 USD. […]

G-Shock x Sasha Snoom DW-6900 Collaboration


Sasha Snoom won a European G-Session competition to have his new custom G-Shock created. Casio did a G-Shock event in St. Petersburg to announce the release of this limited edition. It's hard to make out too many details from the Russian posts. This is likely a very limited edition watch. Check […]