First Look at New Bluetooth G-Shocks


Casio had a new third generation Bluetooth G-Shock on display at Baselworld. This red model is part of a brand new series. These watches feature a new scroll function that allows for more easy browsing of data and playlists. There's no word yet on price and release date. Stay tuned for […]

First Watch that Receives GPS and Radio Wave Signals: GPW-1000 G-Shock


Casio Japan has announced the release of the first watch with GPS and atomic clock radio signal reception. The GPW-1000 G-Shock features a high-performance GPS LSI system manufactured by Sony Corporation in collaboration with Casio. The Multi-Band 6 technology allows receiving atomic clock calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world. […]

Club G-SHOCK News No.150


Automatically translated from Japanese
Attention model [ latest ] released April !

GD-X6900MH-1JR, GLX-5600C-1JF, GLX-5600C-2JF, GWX-8900C-3JF and GWX-8900D-2JF

2nd ! Core brand of London Special " Maharishi ( Maharishi ) " and Collaboration model appearance !
Sports line of G-SHOCK, '14 summer model " G-LIDE (G Ride ) " comes up !
· GWX-8900 […]

G-Shock x Maharishi GD-X6900MH-1JR Launch Photos


Cassio UK had a launch party on March 19th for the new G-Shock x Maharishi GD-X6900MH-1JR Camo Collaboration.. And Saad with StaRemix Designs was there to cover the event. He got to meet Maharishi (aka Hardy Blechman) and had him autograph some stuff. Check out all the photos.

G-Shock x Maharishi GD-X6900MH-1JR

Club G-SHOCK News No.149


Automagically translated from Japanese
New products released in March
If you check the latest model , access right now !
• The Master of G series , of the military " MEN IN NAVY " appeared ! RANGEMAN which was equipped with Triple Sensor , MUDMAN dust Bodoro structure , ISO compliant 3 […]

March 2014 New Casio Japan G-Shock Releases


Casio Japan has announced 13 new G-Shock releases for March 2014. There is a whole bunch of new GA100, GA110, camo GD120 and a new limited edition Men In Navy blue series. Check them all out and plan accordingly. What's your favorite of this new batch?

GA-100CF-1A9JF, GA-100CF-1AJF, GA-100CF-8AJF, GA-110BC-2AJF, GA-110BC-7AJF, GA-110BC-8AJF, GA-110BC-9AJF, […]

G-Shock Questionnaire and the Buzzbait Challenge

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Buzzbait caused some real interest over on WUS with his G-Shock Q&A post. And now Sjors has a new challenge for all of you based on one of its questions. "Can you rock a yellow G-Shock for an entire week?" For some it's a real challenge to wear a brightly colored G-Shock […]