Hong Kong G-Shock Shopping Trip


Cedric took a trip to Hong Kong and took some photos of G-Shocks along the way. This is a great city for G-Shock shopping. Check out the G-Shock Wiki page for some good advice on where to go while there (and in other cities too). The shops there have a huge selection of […]

Walk Inside the Taipei, Taiwan G-Shock Store with Google Streetview

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Now you can take a look inside the Taipei, Taiwan G-Shock Store yourself. From anywhere. Google Streetview has done an interior photo capture of the entire retail store. So you can virtually explore it in quite amazing detail. You can walk right up to the display cases and even stand in […]

Shopping at the G-Shock Store in Taipei, Taiwan


Cedric visited Taipei, Taiwan and documented his trip to the official G-Shocks store there. He took lots of great pics of the store and his other adventures along the way. There's lots of nice eye candy, and it makes all of us wish we had a G-Shock store in our city. Take […]

Find the Best G-Shock Deals on Amazon


Amazon is usually the best place to find good deals on real G-Shocks. And this simple tool makes it easier to find the best deals any time. You have to check often to find special discounts before they sell out.

Apparel & Accessories Audio & Video […]

G-Shock Shopping in Amsterdam

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Sjors documented his latest G-Shock shopping trip to Amsterdam. There's lots of good sights to see in this city, and it seems that Ace Trends is one of the best shops there for G-Shocks. You can check out some photos and see what it's like there. And maybe add it to your […]

G-Shock Shopping Barcelona, Spain with Sjors

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Sjors was just in Barcelona, Spain for a holiday and he documented all the G-Shock adventures he had along the way. There was plenty of good shopping, along with some tasty food and drink. And lots of photos to see what it was all like. Take a look at both parts for […]