Limited Editions

Club G-SHOCK News No.172


Master of G: Black x Gold Series

New DW-5600M Series of G-Shocks

Club G-SHOCK News No. 170


New MTG-G1000D G-Shock


New White & Black Series of G-Shocks

New White & Black Series of G-Shocks

Happy Birthday Sjors: 50Gs 2015 in Review


If you haven't read through all this year's 50Gs articles then you are missing out! Lots of great G-Shock action, adventure and travel to read through. Enjoy!
50Gs #27: Thailand Trip Part 3
G-Shocks #24, #25, #26: Thailand Trip Part 2
50Gs #23: Thailand Trip Part 1
G-Shock #22: Coca-Cola
G-Shock #21: DW-9950 Seaman
G-Shock #20: Crazy White, green and bloo. […]

Club G-SHOCK News No. 168


Team G-Shock

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000

Club G-SHOCK News No. 167


New releases and news for August 2015!
New Mudmaster GWG-1000 G-Shock
SUPRA x G-Shock Limited Edition GD-X6900SP-1JR

Club G-SHOCK News No. 166


New MT-G G-Shock MTG-S1000V

New G-Steel G-Shocks!

GST-W110D-1AJF, GST-W100D-1A4JF, GST-W100D-1A2JF

Club G-SHOCK News No. 165


GPW-1000T GPS New Release
G-Shock Rangeman and Baby-G Earthwatch limited edition pair
New Blue G-Lide with custom band printing