Tough Test

Video of the 2013 Shock the World Event in NYC


Here's a full video (almost an hour long) covering the 2013 Shock the World Event in NYC last week. Take a look to see most of what went down there. The video covers all the presentations done at the event. Take a look at it, and then there's a couple bonus videos too.


GX-56 King G-Shock Military-Grade Tough Test

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Garwood Laboratories usually conducts tests for the US military, but Casio had them run the GX-56 G-Shock through an incredible series of torture tests to see how it holds up. The barrage of tests conducted on these watches included Low Pressure (Altitude) Test, High Temperature Test, Low Temperature Test, Blowing Rain Test, Random Vibration […]

This Week in G-Shock Videos


Tyko Moon starts it off with a new video showing the ALIFE G-5500AL and the yellow GF-8250-9 Frogman.

MrDailybread shot this unboxing and review of the GLX-5600-7DR G-Lide.

Mingrc123 made this unboxing and review for her GLX-5600A-2DR G-Lide

SaintLemons created this video of the Surfrider GRX-5600SRF-3DR, and it features some tough tests.

New G-Shock Videos


Fwupow is back again with another great in-depth video review of the GW-M5600-1CR G-Shock. There's two parts showing everything about this watch.

IDontUsePicks made this video comparing the red GLX-5600-4DR and the green GLX-5600A-3DR G-Lides.

BurHeliLion posted this tough test video that features a GW-3000BD-1A aviator getting some ice abuse. The text is […]

New G-Shock Videos


First off is ccan7 with this unboxing video of the blue Metallic Color DW-6900CC-2DR.

And AyohJay shows off the limited edition purple DW-6900SW-6JR that comes with a G-Man action figure.

Rogervanwart is back with a couple new video guides to Casio watches. The first video shows the new lineup of G-Shock Mini watches.

And the […]

New G-Shock Videos


MrOkayo starts it off with this unboxing video of his Military Inspired DW-5600MS-1DR.

Adan posted this G-Shock Tough Test video of the GW-9000-1 Mudman taking some extreme abuse.

Tyko Moon has this new video of his latest G-Shock creations.

G1st shot a couple videos of his new black GLS-5600L-1 G-Lide and red GLS-5600L-4 G-Lide

Krinkmarker made this video showing […]

Sledgehammer vs. GW-9200 Riseman Tough Test decided to put a G-Shock to the test, so they strapped a new Riseman to a brick and hit it with a sledgehammer. Watch the video to see what happens.

I'm not really sure how this has any practical applications. I think the watch would be the last thing you'd be worrying about […]