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DW5600E1 Thailand, no box

  1. Riley,
    Thank you for all of the help you provide also in

    I am looking at a 5600 foxfire made in Thailand. Ebay seller "peacemakr885". Comes in plastic bag, no box.
    The last picture in the link shows he gets them 5 watches to a box.
    Is it legit?

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. Riley


    It seems to look real. It a little odd how it's missing packaging and everything. I don't think it would make sense to make a good quality fake of that model. And $50 seems about right for the price. It could be some sort of old surplus stock or something. I say be careful and make sure the seller has a reliable reputation.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  3. Riley, many thanks for your time and expertise.

    Posted 7 years ago #


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