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found a baby g ive never seen at a high end thrift store

  1. hurricanefury


    Hi, guys. I was shopping in a high end consignment shop that sells mostly purses and shoes like hard to find jordan sneakers, coach on up to chanel hand bags and a random assortment of other stuff ladies lose their minds over. I saw this pink watch that I got simply because of the color. My friend asked where I found it at, and made a big deal over it. I googled baby g and the blx-100 3255 which was on the back on the hot pink watch. It's an all barbie pink watch with black color ways. I did find a casio manual for it at However, I have never seen this color available on any site or in google images, despite what I have typed in. I dropped it in water for about 10 minutes and it still works lol. I have included photos to help me with confirming its authenticity or if it's bootleg. It's heavy duty, and the quality is nice. It's the fact that I have never seen the color that frightens me. I got finger nail polish on it before I took the photo. Sorry lol. Please help.

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