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Good ebay sellers

  1. GSW


    Got any recommendations for eBay stores or sellers? I've found some good stuff in Asia from peony0930 and premierworld.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. gfan12


    I'll second premierworld. They're shipping prices are higher that I'd like, but I guess it is coming from Singapore.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. Jeff


    Hello everyone, I'm new here and just registered!
    I've done some G-Shock shopping from Ebay.
    Just done a purchase 2 weeks ago with Premierworld.
    They do overcharged the shipping cost.
    As my wife was travelling Singapore at that time, I asked the seller to ship 5 G-Shocks to my wife's hotel room in Singapore.
    At first, to save shipping cost, I requested the seller to hand-deliver the package, as Singapore is a small city and public transport is easy and cheap, but was declined by seller with the reason that he lived in the east side of the city.
    So the seller charged me US$50 for shipping!
    However he promised to ship it by local post with a 'next day delivery' which according to him is the fastest services offered by Singapore post.
    Shipment was delayed for 1 day.
    By the time it arrives, the hotel staff assure me that the package was hand-delivered, not by post.
    I tried to make things clear with the seller and ask him to be honest, as he said from the beginning that he only charged ACTUAL shipping cost.
    Then checked the singapore post website and found out that there are no 'next day delivery' services.
    But there ARE 'Same-day delivery' and '3-hours delivery' services.
    What really surprised me is that even with the '3-hours delivery' service, the charges for the package box with 5 G-Shocks are only US$7! Not US$50 as he charged me.
    As I email the seller about this, he said the can only refund me US$15, told him I can't accept it and I ask for a reasonable fee accordingly.
    Although I never ask him how much he should refund me, he keep saying that he can only refund US$15 (charged me $35) and making ridiculous excuses like handling fees are expensive etc etc.
    Luckily, after a week of polite complaining :), 3 days ago I finally give him a polite statement - "refund me US$30 and I'll give u 5 positive feedback" and 2 days ago he did refund me $30.
    So if u guys see his latest feedback which have the same sender for 5 items, that was me.
    I won't shop in Premierworld anymore

    Posted 13 years ago #
  4. Jeff


    Try BBtiesto ebay store:
    I shopped twice with the guy and this one I CAN trust!
    This store have some rare G-Shocks from time to time.
    Although packaging is home-made, but item was as described, fast shipment, and I won the bid with a very reasonable price.

    As GSW stated before, peony0930 nice items too, but I haven't got any experience with this seller.

    There's another ebay store from Korea:
    This one have the sweetest Frogman collection, with a very high-price.
    I've been watching the seller since December, until now,the items listed is exactly the same, no more no less, and only 1 feedback is left and it was very recent (abt 3 days ago).
    Ask the seller once for the actual photo of the item (because the featured photo is too beautiful to be true) and the seller doesn't respond.
    So, I'm a bit afraid to shop here.

    I hope these info helps, and there's a pretty good chance in the future that we might be bidding for the same item

    Posted 13 years ago #
  5. Riley


    Jeff, that's really not cool that premierworld was dishonest about it.

    I think the real problem is that a lot of these eBay sellers (esp. overseas) pad their profit margin by jacking up the shipping fees. This way they can avoid extra fees and foolish shoppers think it's cheaper. It's not cool at all, but I've had good transactions with sellers that do this. Without the shipping fee they sometimes might be losing money on the transaction. Ebay really encouraged this, but it has gotten better in the last year or so.

    I only consider the entire price including shipping. If the shipping fees are ever over $20 for world-wide shipping from Asia, you know that this is what they are doing. I don't like it, but I've unfortunately gotten used to it with some sellers. I've never tried to pick one up locally, but it doesn't surprise me that they tried to screw you. Certain sellers just seem to lack basic morals, but it's really hard to get a lot of models any other way in the States.

    Thanks for sharing you experiences. It's hard to know the pitfalls of a particular seller until something goes wrong.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  6. here in Italy vintage G's replacement spare parts are impossible to be found, even from official Casio dealers and the italian distributor too!

    eBay is the only way to get parts to restore the early DW-5xxx models.

    I bought some seiko stuff from premierworld a few months ago and got all the things I needed for a reasonable price, obviously the shipping cost was a bit higher than normal, just because they keep it high to let you think and feel to spend less for the parts they sell in auctions. It's quite common on eBay to find these sellers.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  7. I've made several good deals on eBay with Mr Vic Bedrossian:

    He was very kind and helpful and has lots of genuine Casio spare parts & extra stuff.

    He provided me several parts for the restoration of my DW-5200 as, here in Italy, classic vintage Casio spare parts, are IMPOSSIBLE to be found.

    If you prefer online shops, I'd advise you TikTox, that also gave me an extra bezel for free!

    Posted 13 years ago #

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