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Hail from an Italian G-Shocked!

  1. Hi everybody,

    first of all, sorry for my bad "rusty" english, let's see if I'll improve it thanks to G's patient for my mistakes and very poor language, due to the lack of variety of words I'll use.

    I am a "poor watch collector", because I have over 30 watches, mostly cheap ones under € 1.000 EUR: a few mechanical swiss luxury timpieces, some vintage oldies but goldies, several quartz, some nice grade A++ replicas, and some other cheap asian "looks like" (very similar to famous branded ones).

    My 1st watch was a Casio G-Shock DW-5200, my dad gave it to me as a present during the elementary school period in the mid 80's because I was a young "watch slayer"....that has smashed and destroyed several swatch and flik flak watches. My dad made the right present, because the though G survived until nowadays and now I have taken the decision to restore it and wear it again.

    Unfortunately, as Casio watches are not so appreciated and widespread here in Italy (because considered nerdy and for poor construction workers) it's very difficult to find spare parts in my country. What a pity!!!!!

    Thanks to eBay I've recently bought a new bezel with gold lettering, 4 screws to fit it to the case (unfortunately I didn't find them in golden colour as the buttons and the case lettering are, what a pity!), a new rubber band and a gasket to replace the old worn out one....all original and genuine from Casio old stocks.

    I've changed the battery, polished the scratches on the crystal and now I'm waiting for the spare parts to revive this glorious "HERO" and have again on my wrist my hard core vintage digital timepiece to be proud of.

    I joined the forum just to have a little help from the G-gurus that are here.

    I am looking for a face protector bar, can anybody help me?

    I am also looking for lug adapters to fit the 24mm NATO/ZULU straps, but unfortunately none of the online shops that still have it available, will ship them to Italy.

    Can anybody help me in this difficult quest for DW-5200 extras?

    Thanks to everybody, I'll leave my MSN messenger contact, in case some kind friends from abroad, can help me for these spare parts I have described above.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. Riley


    Welcome lupetius!

    Your DW-5200 is a classic. I'm not sure if the DW-5600E face protector will fit that one or not. I'm planning on giving away a bunch of Casio strap adapters in the future. So keep an eye out for that giveaway on the main blog.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. Hi Riley, nice to see somebody here!

    I've posted the actual pictures of my DW-5200 in my personal profile gallery, it currently has a vintage metal band that isn't that bad on it, even if my old G is currently "naked".

    I was almost about to sell it on eBay a few months ago, now that I've seen that this glorious oldie it still fits so nice on my wrist, I've made up my mind, and I started the difficult quest for spare parts.

    I'll surely post pics after the renewal of my HERO.

    I'll keep an eye on your famous giveaways, hoping to be one among the lucky winners.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  4. Riley


    The photos of your DW-5200 in your profile are great. I'm looking forward to seeing the new parts on it. You should definitely hold onto it. Be sure to check out the forums if you haven't already. Sometimes the continuous quest is the best part of a having classic watch.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  5. Would you suggest me to polish it, or not?

    I have cleaned up all the dirt on the case and bracelet with a professional ultrasonic washer, when I've replaced the worn battery, 3 weeks ago.

    I've also removed the majority of the scratches on the crystal with the famous "red powder" that jewellers use to remove signs of wear from precious metals and mineral glass crystals. It's almost new now...but still not polished.

    At first, I had the intention to keep it "naked" after a mirror polishing of all the case...but after I've seen on ebay all that genuine spare parts, I didn't resist and bought a complete kit with bezel, case screws, band and gasket.

    My only worry is that the 4 screws to fix the bezel are not golden as the watch buttons and the lettering of the new case cover.

    Now I still have the doubt to polish the case anyway or just to put on the new bezel and forget the idea of making the case shining bright.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  6. Riley


    Not too much of the metal shows when you put the new band in bezel on. I think it's probably best not to polish it too much if you want to keep it "original".

    I'm pretty sure the gold bezel screws are discontinued so those will be hard to find. It sounds like this one is going to be well take care of.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  7. The brand new plastic bezel and a black metal face protector (so nice!) arrived a few days ago from eBay US, unfortunately I am still missing the screws to fix the plastic bezel and secure it to the metal case.

    I am getting frustrated because I cannot actually find ANY replacement screws (no matter if golden or silver coloured) to fix my brand new bezel on the HERO DW-5200 I am restoring! What a pity....

    I am just asking here if somebody knows WHAT kind of screws do I need for my G (there are different kinds, I just wanna be sure not to put on threads that are totally different from the ones originally on my G, in order to avoid stripping the screw holes on my beloved watch if I try to put wrong ones!), and most of all, WHERE can I find 4 new screws to finally fix and secure the plastic bezel to the metal case....and start wearing it again after about 20yrs forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.

    I have also ordered an extensible metal bracelet on eBay, that seems to have the same look/color/shape/design of the original (so ugly) rubber strap.
    Let's see if it's a nice product or not, here's the image link:
    I am faithful it will be fine.

    I am also waiting from tiktox a Zulu/NATO strap adapter kit, just in case I'll change my mind and want something lighter but tough anyway.
    Unfortunately they made a mistake in shipping me that stuff so I am still waiting for the adaptors, hoping this time they'll not send me other wrong/unwanted parts.

    Least but not last, I'd also like to know if the poly paste is working great for removing light scratches on the crystal...some say yes, some say no...the scuffs are very light but I'd really like to completely renew the G and return it to it's original splendour.

    Thanks for help and sorry for being so annoying.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  8. Finally the restoration works have been finished!

    Thanks to the superb TikTox team ( ) and to mr Vic Bedrossian (eBay shop here: ) I've collected a huge lot of genuine Casio spare parts:

    1) 2 new bezels/cases, one with gold letterings, the other one with white letterings
    2) a new gasket for the substitution of the old one, that was not worn out anyway...
    3) an original rubber strap by Casio (that is currently unused)
    3) a metal black extensible band as this:
    4) a metal black face protector
    5) 4 new case screws, silver metal colour (unfortunately the golden one were not available)
    6) NATO/zulu strap adaptors to fit the one piece loop thru military strap to the small Casio lugs

    Here's the list of all the things I've done to the Hero:

    1) polishing with a professional gold polisher machine + delicate metal polisher paste to remove the light scuffs and signs of wear on ALL the case, particularly on the back plate.
    Now it seems NEW and shines like never before! It has no more signs of all.

    2) removing the light scratches on the crystal thanks to the "poly watch" paste and my dremel running very slow in order not to consume the mineral glass, with a very soft milling cushion on the dremel rotating edge.

    3) changing the gasket and putting silicon grease to ensure the proper insulation to the case

    4) putting on the new bezel/case and ensuring it properly with it's own 4 case screws

    5) putting on the extensible metal black bracelet

    6) puttin on the face protector in order to avoid any future scratches on the renewed glass.

    As it's all now working perfectly, the buttons are worn out just for the gold colour plating but they still have a perfect feedback and astonishing functioning and so it is for the light that is still as new, and the beeps that sounds very loud and clear, I can now consider my HERO as a brand new vintage classic returned back to life.

    A special thank for all that contributed to give me informations on how and where to find the genuine spare parts and especially to Vic Bedrossian and the TikTox team that was so nice and helpfull fulfilling all my requests kindly and rapidly.

    Pictures of the BEFORE & AFTER will follow the next post.


    Posted 13 years ago #
  9. Riley


    You can see all the photos in the post I made for this on the blog's front page.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. It turned out great!

    Posted 13 years ago #
  10. I am so happy to wear again the same watch I used during the golden age of the elementary school!!!

    The hero survived to a young & wild "watch smasher" and nowadays it still looks smarter than ever before...

    Posted 13 years ago #


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