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Hello / photos wanted

  1. Thomas


    Hello guys!

    I've reading for a while here. Good work! thx.

    I'm going to buy the DW-5600CL or G-7700BL. It's a decision of my visual preferences, the technical specs are not so important at this time. But I'm confuse especially for the G-7700BL, because of the color and visibility oft the numbers. Unfortanly no local jewelry currently has this modell. I don't trust seller's photos.

    2 URLs to compare:
    and I wish/expect this

    I know, the G-7700BL can customized in 7 contrast levels. My request is: Can somebody post photos of G-7700BL, maybe in different contrast levels?

    Thanks for reading! Greetings.

    Posted 14 years ago #
  2. Riley


    I don't have a G-7700BL, but I know it has its fans. Hopefully, someonse else has some photos for you.

    That type of negative display is really hard to capture in photos. Most negative LCDs are not nearly as legible as the standard ones. You just have to make the sacrifice for the look of them.

    Posted 14 years ago #
  3. Thomas


    Hi again!

    Yesterday I was in a big jewelry to check out the contrast feature. The
    wanted G was not there. Anyways. So I haved a closed look at the
    G-7700-1ER (Speed Steeler) and G-7710-1ER (Black Force). The default
    contrast level is 4 and in spite of very bright lighting there the
    darker and brighter contrast was viewable.

    The pressing of the buttons is very surprising, because of its very soft
    and well leaded motion. It is really differnt comparing to others
    watches. The modul handling seems a little bit playful. Every mode
    changing has scrolling letters (like G-2310) and the lines of numbers
    are build "slowly". If you use differnt modes often, it could be a bit

    The flash alert is hidden in the 10th step of time keeping setup, as you
    can rember with the most other Gs you only need to press the A or B button
    for some seconds.

    The alert repeat pattern are nice to have and useful: daily, once (spec.
    date), weekend or working week (mo - fr).

    What you really should check out is the animation of the auto-start of the
    stop watch! Awesome!

    So far my first impressions.


    Posted 14 years ago #
  4. Riley


    You've made me really curious about this one. I'd like to see what this looks like in person.

    Posted 14 years ago #


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