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What was your last purchase?

  1. gfan12


    I just picked up this awesome G-700BD-4AV Black Force.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. I just pre-ordered the new GW-M5600. I can't wait to get my hands on one of them.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. greg


    I just got a black and orange camo G-5500. I wasn't sure how it would look in person, but it's really nice. I wish there were more retail stores carrying the special G-Shocks so you could try them on.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  4. JKrut

    Dayton OH

    I sent my old GEIZ titanium to casio for a battery change - when they could not do it they sent me a new GS1100-2A for free !! It is really nice and an example if great casio customer service

    Posted 13 years ago #
  5. My new one is a GW-9125D-8JF Gulfman. It is very nice.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  6. Takahiro - That's a great limited edition of the Ocean Gray. Good choice. I'd like to get one of them myself.

    Anyone know of the best source?

    Posted 13 years ago #
  7. Riley


    craigk - I saw a new one on ebay the other day and Seiya Japan has them. Both were about $300 USD.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  8. Thanks Riley. Seems that all of the cool limited edition stuff doesn't make it's way to US distributors. Or perhaps I'm just not seeing the right merchants on various lists. Amazon seems to have a few here and there, but even the limited edition seems fairly limited.

    I would put in an pre-order for one of the new Risemans right now if I knew where to go. Or even one of the new Gulfmans like the GW-910K-7JR. (I do like that Ocean Gray edition too...)

    Posted 13 years ago #

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