In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900-2 G-Lide Launch Party

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Freshness Magazine has posted a bunch of photos from the In4mation x G-Shock event last week. The party was to celebrate the release of the new GLX-6900 G-Shock and Baby-G watches. This brings the total number of collaborations with Casio to five. There's ten pages of photos to look through. There was a few other G-Shocks and Baby-G models on display. And Tyko Moon was there along with a bunch of other celebrities. It looks like everyone had a good time.


In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900-2 G-Lide and Baby-G

Red GX-56 on the Wrist of Taig Khris?

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Was Taig Khris wearing an unreleased red GX-56 when he made set this new world record?

World champion roller-skater Taig Khris sets a new world record by jumping off the Eiffel Tower with skates on. The 34-year old launched himself from the 40-meter (131 foot) high first floor of the famous monument down onto a giant-sized quarter pipe ramp beneath it. It took two attempts to officially set a new 12m (39 feet) record for "dropping" - jumping off a structure and free-falling onto a landing.

Thanks OBC972, Jochen and Sjors.

Update: Casio Europe has confirmed (thanks to Sjors) that he is indeed wearing a GX-56 G-Shock that they supplied him. Here's a photo:

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AW-571-1A Gaussman G-Shock on 50Gs

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has written a new 50Gs feature on the AW-571-1A Gaussman. This series of G-Shocks is designed to be resistant to magnetic fields, as well as the usual G toughness. These are big and chunky analog/digital watches that have a very bold look. Give the article a read to learn more about this G-Shock and how it made its way into Sjors' collection.


AW-571-1A Gaussman

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More Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock Details

    Posted the 30th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Katsu has posted some details on the the upcoming Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock announced the other day. This watch only weighs 47g. It has to have one of the best weight-to-feature ratios. The retail price is a bit high though at around $346 USD. It will be available June 30th, and you can probably pre-order it now.


Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock

Thanks Sjors.

Koeurele x G-Shock Hand-Painted Collection

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

French artist Koeurélé has designed and painted 20 custom G-Shocks. Each of these works of art have been elaborately painted by hand, with a unique look given to each one. These will go on sale at Citadium on May 29th. Who wants to guess how much these cost?

Link (Translated)

Thanks a-Tom-ic and Hypebeast.

G-Shock Video Friday

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Tyko Moon has this new video, with news on what he's up to as well as a look at the big pink GA-110B-4. His G-Shock chess set might just be a first.

3TVID made this video of his brand new Mr. Cartoon DW-6900MRC G-Shock.

OGsince82 gives us a look at the Go Green Collection G-6900GR-3. He also shows off his new powder blue Air Jordans later in the video.

Gshockboy90 made this unboxing video of the MIRB DW-6900MS.

LuvJones226 has this unboxing video of the original Crazy Colors DW-5600CS-9.

And this week's videos end with this one from a Casio press conference yesterday in Milan, Italy.

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More on the Collect London x G-Shock Collaboration

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Some more details have been published by Collect London about their new G-Shock collaboration. Each of the two G-Shocks has a matching t-shirt, and they come in a big custom box that holds both of them. They are designed to go along with the Spring/Summer collection theme of "Folk Fantasy". They are all hand-printed, numbered and signed. They go on sale on June 24th at the new Casio store on Brick Lane. They are also doing a giveaway you can enter here.


Collect London x G-Shock DW-6900s and T-Shirts

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