Red GX-56 on the Wrist of Taig Khris?

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Was Taig Khris wearing an unreleased red GX-56 when he made set this new world record?

World champion roller-skater Taig Khris sets a new world record by jumping off the Eiffel Tower with skates on. The 34-year old launched himself from the 40-meter (131 foot) high first floor of the famous monument down onto a giant-sized quarter pipe ramp beneath it. It took two attempts to officially set a new 12m (39 feet) record for "dropping" - jumping off a structure and free-falling onto a landing.

Thanks OBC972, Jochen and Sjors.

Update: Casio Europe has confirmed (thanks to Sjors) that he is indeed wearing a GX-56 G-Shock that they supplied him. Here's a photo:

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AW-571-1A Gaussman G-Shock on 50Gs

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has written a new 50Gs feature on the AW-571-1A Gaussman. This series of G-Shocks is designed to be resistant to magnetic fields, as well as the usual G toughness. These are big and chunky analog/digital watches that have a very bold look. Give the article a read to learn more about this G-Shock and how it made its way into Sjors' collection.


AW-571-1A Gaussman

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More Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock Details

    Posted the 30th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Katsu has posted some details on the the upcoming Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock announced the other day. This watch only weighs 47g. It has to have one of the best weight-to-feature ratios. The retail price is a bit high though at around $346 USD. It will be available June 30th, and you can probably pre-order it now.


Carbon Fiber GW-S5600-1JF G-Shock

Thanks Sjors.

Koeurele x G-Shock Hand-Painted Collection

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

French artist Koeurélé has designed and painted 20 custom G-Shocks. Each of these works of art have been elaborately painted by hand, with a unique look given to each one. These will go on sale at Citadium on May 29th. Who wants to guess how much these cost?

Link (Translated)

Thanks a-Tom-ic and Hypebeast.

G-Shock Video Friday

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Tyko Moon has this new video, with news on what he's up to as well as a look at the big pink GA-110B-4. His G-Shock chess set might just be a first.

3TVID made this video of his brand new Mr. Cartoon DW-6900MRC G-Shock.

OGsince82 gives us a look at the Go Green Collection G-6900GR-3. He also shows off his new powder blue Air Jordans later in the video.

Gshockboy90 made this unboxing video of the MIRB DW-6900MS.

LuvJones226 has this unboxing video of the original Crazy Colors DW-5600CS-9.

And this week's videos end with this one from a Casio press conference yesterday in Milan, Italy.

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More on the Collect London x G-Shock Collaboration

    Posted the 28th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Some more details have been published by Collect London about their new G-Shock collaboration. Each of the two G-Shocks has a matching t-shirt, and they come in a big custom box that holds both of them. They are designed to go along with the Spring/Summer collection theme of "Folk Fantasy". They are all hand-printed, numbered and signed. They go on sale on June 24th at the new Casio store on Brick Lane. They are also doing a giveaway you can enter here.


Collect London x G-Shock DW-6900s and T-Shirts

Thanks Found Missing

Sky Cockpit G-Aviator GW-3000B-1A on 50Gs

    Posted the 27th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has written a special 50Gs article on the Sky Cockpit G-Aviator GW-3000B-1A. This giant analog G-Shock is packed with the top notch Tough Movement and Multiband 6 atomic sync. This orange on black model is particularly sharp looking. These watches seem to be sort of hard to find right now. There is limited availability in the UK and Japan. Go on over and read to find out if this G is worth tracking down.


Sky Cockpit G-Aviator GW-3000B-1A

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