New G-Shock Videos

    Posted the 18th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

First is iknoimemo with a video review of the GW-5600J-1 G-Shock.

Paul Micken made this video of his current G-Shock collection.

MissC0rky is next up with this video of a G-Shock Mini GMN-690-7AJF.

And jayxunned has this video of a classic DW-9900LG-8JR Men in White Grey Frogman.

Kevfrostbite shot this video of a GIEZ GS-1300B-1A in action.

Deojett gives us a quick video of what the G-9100-2DR Gulfman Auto EL looks like underwater.

Nepalnippel ends this week's videos with a short look at the very colorful GA-110F-2DR.


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Pixie Lott and Casio Baby-G

    Posted the 17th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Pixie Lott just released a new music video that features a BGA-113 Baby-G. This watch is part of the Pretty Tough series. The video is for her hit single ‘Turn It Up’. Pixie has received three Brit nominations, sold 1.5 million singles, two of which were #1s, had three #1 airplay hits, 600,000 albums sold globally and is quickly approaching double Platinum in the UK.


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G-Shock East Store Grand Opening in London

    Posted the 17th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

A new G-Shock retail store will be opening in London's East End on June 24th. There's going to be a big party to celebrate the first day. Hadouken will be providing live music and there will be a 20% discount off all merchandise. It sounds like a good time, so check it out if you're in the area.


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New Summer G-Shocks for August 2010

    Posted the 16th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

G-Shock Sjors has posted some new G-Shocks that will be coming out later this summer. There's some exciting new models that we haven't seen before. It looks like most of these will released in August. Stay tuned for more details on price and availability.


Pink GLS-5500MM-4
Blue DW-6900MM-2 and Orange DW-6900MM-4 Summer Colors
Black GA-110C1A and White GC-110C-7A
Stealth Military AW-591MIL-1A
GD-100-1A and Stealthy GD-100-1B

Surfrider x G-Shock G-Lide GRX5600SRF Collaboration

    Posted the 15th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

The latest Surfrider Foundation G-Shock collaboration is going to be coming out in the US this summer. We first got a look at this limited edition when it was announced in Japan. And now we have some better photos of this brightly colored watch. The GRX-5600SRF packs solar charging, tide graph and moon phase into the classic 5600 G form factor. The design aim was to be a mashup of dive watch and neo-rave style. It looks like it would be great to wear while enjoying the beaches the Surfrider Foundation is striving to preserve.

Surfrider x G-Shock G-Lide GRX-5600SRF-3
Custom packaging made out of 100% recycled material

Casio's New Official Videos for G-Shock & Pathfinder

    Posted the 15th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Casio America has recently published three new videos. The first one is for the entire "Master of G" lineup. Then there's a G-Aviation video for the GW-3000 aviator models. And a promo video featuring Jake Norton for the Pathfinder series of watches.

Jake Norton and Casio Pathfinder

    Posted the 14th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Casio America has posted a new page for Jake Norton on the Pathfinder website. He's a multi-talented professional climber, guide, adventure photographer, and motivational speaker. There's a link to his blog there, so you can check follow his many adventures. It seems like a good fit for these rugged watches that are packed with features for the outdoorsman.


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