DW-003H-4T G-Shock on 50gs for World Cup

    Posted the 14th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has written a new bonus 50Gs article to celebrate the World Cup match today of the Netherlands vs. Denmark. The G-Shock featured today is the DW-003H-4T. This model was released in 1997 and was part of a Club series in the US. Take a look and feel free to cheer for the Orange today.


DW-003H-4T "Stage Tomato" G-Shock

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Referee Timer DW-56RT-1 G-Shock on 50Gs

    Posted the 13th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has posted a new 50Gs feature on the Referee Timer DW-56RT-1 G-Shock. This model is particularly fitting with the World Cup going on. This is the regular black version that was first released in 2006. There's been a few variations and limited editions over the years. Follow the link over to see what this G-Shock has to offer.


Referee Timer DW-56RT-1 G-Shock

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G-Shock Video Friday

    Posted the 11th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

First off is citykid2k with this video review of the GW-7900B.

SanzaBlancoAkA2C made this unboxing video of the White Bape G-Shock.

Gshockman131 has this video of the GW-3000BD-1A.

JustinDaMasterMind shot this video of the G-8100C-1DR

Sniff508 just got his first G-Shock, and he made this video unboxing the purple G-300SC-6A.

RollingoutTVENT produced this video of the Wood Shocks created by Kojo Plange.

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In4mation x G-Shock GLX6900 Promo Video

    Posted the 10th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

In4mation has released a new video celegrating the recent release of the GLX6900 G-Shock collaboration. There's footage of Levi Maestro and the Traveling IN4MANTS hanging out in NYC and Tokyo. This is the fourth project they've done with Casio G-Shock. Let's hope there will be many more.

PostPet x G-Shock DW-6900BMO-9JR on 50Gs

    Posted the 6th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has a new 50Gs post on the Post Pet DW-6900BMO-9JR G-Shock. This pink collaboration G-Shock was released a few years ago in Japan. PostPet is an email program owned by So-Net, and apparently it has enough fans to deserve its own pink G-Shock. There's a cute bear logo in the custom backlight, and the full URL of their website is printed on the band. Sjors has the full story on this rare watch and everything that goes along with it.


PostPet PPP-128 DW-6900BMO-9JR G-Shock

F.C. Real Bristol x Casio G-Shock DW-5600 Collaboration

    Posted the 6th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Hypebeast has posted news of a F.C. Real Bristol football team collaboration G-Shock. This DW-5600VT model is all black, with a custom face, backlight and case back. It will be available June 12th for about $217 USD. It comes in a decent custom box, but nothing too special.


F.C.R.B. x Casio G-Shock DW-5600VT

Dee & Ricky x G-Shock GA-110DR-1A Collaboration

    Posted the 6th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

A new Dee & Ricky collaboration G-SHock has been announced. The GA-110DR-1A features red, blue, green and yellow details. The resin parts are mostly black, but it still gives it a very colorful look. The watch will be available July 2010 with a retail price of $130 USD.

Dee & Ricky x G-Shock GA110DR-1A

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