Carbon Fiber GW-S5600 & GW-S5600B G-Shocks Announced

    Posted the 11th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Casio Japan has announced a new pair of G-Shocks that feature a carbon fiber band. These are going to be known as the RM series in Japan. The GW-S5600 features a regular LCD and the classic 5600 look. It has a retail price of about $340 USD and a release date of June 30th. The stealthy negative GW-S5600B will be coming out July 31st for $362 USD. Both are Tough Solar with Multiband 6 atomic sync. We'll see if this carbon fiber technology makes its way into other G-Shock models. Maybe it will be the end of resin rot?

Link (Translated)

Carbon Fiber G-Shock RM Series
GW-S5600-1JF GW-S5600B-1JF

Update: Bigger photos.

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Giveaway: Rush DNM x G-Shock Collaboration T-Shirt

    Posted the 10th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Here's your chance to win a G-Shock t-shirt designed by Rush DNM. Post a comment below this post and you'll be entered to win one of the two shirts available. There's one Large and one X-Large. These are really nice quality shirts, with some great detailing. The classic DW-6900 design is featured on the front and the back.

Rush DNM x G-Shock Collaboration T-Shirt

Thanks to Zegarki Casio and Rush DNM for the t-shirts.

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Very Pink Crazy Colors DW-6900CS on 50Gs

    Posted the 9th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has posted a new 50Gs feature article on the pink Crazy Colors DW-6900CS-4DR. This limited edition G-Shock was released back in 2008. The all glossy pink resin parts are combined with a very pink reversed display to really push this one over the top. Follow the link over to read all about this G-Shock and the Giro d'Italia race in The Netherlands.


Pink Crazy Colors DW-6900CS-4

Bright White G-100A and GW-410TCJ G-Shocks on GMT+9

    Posted the 8th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

The GMT+9 blog has a new post featuring the big white GA-100A-7A and GW-410TCJ-7JR Silencer. These two seem to go together nicely. White G-Shocks are really hot right now, but you have to look out for fakes. They are very fitting in warm weather, but you have to put in a little extra effort to keep them clean.


GA-100A-7A and GW-410TCJ-7JR Silencer

Some New G-Shock Videos

    Posted the 7th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

It starts off with this new video of the Hamburg vs. London Secret Wars competition sponsored by G-Shock. Soundtrack by Get Shakes "Plug in the mains" and video by StitchThat.

Next up is X4CTO with his video review of the GW-1500A-1AV G-Shock. It's sort of a different take on a watch review, with a good bit of NSFW language and thoughts on bar fights.

AyohJay has this video review of the DW-6900FS-8. It's his first G-Shock.

Tyko Moon has this new video. There's a bunch of limited edition G-Shocks, and some discussion on the future of his collaborations. Look out for the prototypes.

MrHPking shot a couple videos of his limited edition Brooklyn Circus DW-6900BKC-1.

Here's a quick look at a couple of the "Wood Shock" G-Shocks that have been customized with a wooden bezel.

And here's an extra bonus video from the "Shock The World" party in Tokyo.

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G-Aviation GW-3000 G-Shock News From Casio USA

    Posted the 6th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Casio USA has sent out a press release for the GW3000 series of G-Shocks. Two of these oversized aviators will be hitting the US market. Each watch features Multiband 6 atomic sync, Tough Solar charging and Tough MVT innards. The resin band GW3000B-1A will retail for $260 USD and the stainless steel band GW3000BD-1A is $350 USD.

G-Aviation GW-3000B-1ADR G-Shock

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GA-100A-7A X-Large Combi G-Shock Watch Report Review

    Posted the 4th day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Watch Report has posted a review of the GA-100A-7A X-Large Combi G-Shock. This big honking white G-Shock was just released in the US with two other colors in the series, and they seem to be a hit so far. You get a lot of G-Shock for $99 USD.


GA100A-7A X-Large Combi G-Shock

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