2006 World Cup x G-Shock DW-5600WC-1ER on 50Gs

    Posted the 27th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Sjors has written a new 50Gs feature article on the 2006 World Cup x G-Shock DW-5600WC-1ER. The tournament was held in Germany that year. There was a couple other World Cup G-Shocks released at this time, but this 5600 model is probably the most popular of the bunch. These could be picked up rather cheaply a year or so after release, but these are harder to find now. It's a great choice for any World Cup fans out there.


2006 World Cup x G-Shock DW-5600WC-1DR

In4mation x G-Shock and Baby-G Watches Released

    Posted the 26th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

In4mation has released the new GLX-6900X-2DR and BG-3000X-2DR watches. So you can buy both of these now in the In4mation store. The Bay-G is $89 USD and the G-Shock is $110. Those seem like very reasonable prices for limited editions like these. Get one now before they sell out.


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This Week in G-Shock Videos

    Posted the 25th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

It starts off with a couple new videos by SanzaBlancoAkA2C. First is the DW-6900K-8BJF ICERC G-Shock from 2007.

The second one shows us the very rare black Alife DW-5600 and white Alife DW-5600 that came out last year.

Next up is sunbaskingman with this video review of the GW-M850-1 G-Shock.

And taz98spin shot this unboxing video for his brand new bright green GA-110B-3JF.

Mrocean100 posted this video of Mike Hazard skating with his G-Shock.

Here's the latest video from Tyko Moon that was taken at Dee & Ricky G-Shock launch party.

Stuffflypeoplelike posted this video from the Dee& Ricky event.

And here's a video interview of Dee & Ricky.

Update: and one more bonus video from concreinc.

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Dee & Ricky GA-110DR-1A G-Shock Launch Party Video

    Posted the 24th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Karma Loop has posted a video of the launch party for the new Dee & Ricky x G-Shock GA-110DR-1A collaboration. The event took place the other day at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. You can check out the new limited edition watch a little, as well as some discussion on Lego design between the two twin bothers.


Video of the New Stussy 30th Anniversary DW-6900 G-Shock

    Posted the 22nd day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Tyko Moon has made a video of the brand new Stussy 30th Anniversary G-Shock. This new limited edition is based on the venerable DW-6900. It stands out with blue ion coating on all the metal parts. This watch was just released. It's great to see this one in real life up close. Get one now if you still can.


Three GXW-56 G-Shocks Officially Announced

    Posted the 22nd day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Casio Japan has officially announced three new GXW-56 models. We saw previews of these at Baselworld and there's been some sneak previews of these new G-Shocks, but now they are for real and coming soon. There's a new black and gold GXW-56-1B that's never been seen before. All three will be released in Japan on July 31st. The retail price is about $312 USD and Casio will be manufacturing 2,500 units of each a month. These big and chunky watches feature Multiband 6 atomic sync and Tough Solar charging. It would be nice if they were a little cheaper, but the non-atomic GX-56 models might be a good alternative.

Link (Translation)

Black with negative LCD GXW-56-1AJF
Black and gold GXW-56-1BJF
Orange GXW-56-4JF

G-1200 Gravity Defier Aviator G-Shocks

    Posted the 22nd day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Three new "Gravity Defier" G-Shocks are going to be coming out soon. These aviator watches are basically non-atomic versions of the GW-3000. These three G-1200 models feature a new 5132 module with Tough Solar charging. There's no word yet on pricing and availability, so stay tuned for more details.

G-1200BD-1ADR, G-1200D-1ADR and G-1200B-1ADR

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