In4mation x G-Shock 2010 Launch Party Recap

    Posted the 4th day of June in 2010 by Riley. has posted a new G-Shock Life page for the recent In4mation x G-Shock release party. The event took place at the Soho Grand in NYC. Check out the link there for a bunch of photos taken at the event. The main purpose of the party was celebrating the release of the GLS6900X-2 G-Shock and the BG3000X-2 Baby-G. Dee & Ricky, Levi Maestro, Tristan Wild, Malik So Chic, Tamba Hali and Ramses Barden were all in attendance.


G-Shock Mini Look Book Digital Edition Online

    Posted the 4th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Casio America has posted a digital version of the latest G-Shock Mini book online. There's 20 pages of G-Shock Mini watches and photos of models wearing them. It's great to see Casio publishing more of these online.


GMN50G-1B G-Shock Mini in the Book

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This Week In G-Shock Videos

    Posted the 4th day of June in 2010 by Riley.

TheCornflacke starts it off with this up close look at the yellow GW-6900A-9 G-Shock.

And t0ma made this video of the stealthy GA-100-1A1.

Next up is elementsk8ter1233 with an unboxing video of the white Crazy Colors DW-6900CS-7.

Saaditya made this video of the GA-100-1A4.

Dijar13 posted this video of :phunk at the "Shock The World" event in Singapore.

And here's a video of the G-Shock tour bus' adventures during the trip for the Secret Wars competition in Hamburg, Germany.

This next one is a Promo video from G-Shock Team France featuring Tim Boal.

And it ends with this video of Erica Hosseini surfing off the Gold Coast of Australia.

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Jam Home Made x Disney x G-Shock Mickey Mouse DW-5600

    Posted the 3rd day of June in 2010 by Riley.

A new Mickey Mouse collaboration G-Shock has been released in Japan. Jam Home Made worked with Disney and Casio to make this tribute to the classic cartoon icon. This DW-5600E based watch features simple stealth black resin parts with a custom face and backlight. There's a really simple custom case back that says something "Jet Blue". It has a price of about $216 USD, and it probably won't be available outside of Japan.

Link (Translated)

Jam Home Made x Disney x G-Shock Mickey Mouse DW-5600VT

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New Erica Hosseini Baby-G Life Page and Video

    Posted the 2nd day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Casio America has published a new page for pro surfer Erica Hosseini on the Baby-G website. There's a video of her training off the Gold Coast of Australia. Casio has been sponsoring her from some time now. She's won a bunch of tournaments over her career, and she seems like a good match for these watches.


Erica Hosseini and her Baby-G BG-5601

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Club G-SHOCK News No.105

    Posted the 1st day of June in 2010 by Riley.

Automatic translation of the Japanese newsletter.

Release new products Mon [2010/5/31]

Last resist rust resistant structures "GULFMAN (Gulf Man)" to Finally with 06 multi-band model to the world's six stations receive radio signals!

By inserting a new band structure with carbon fiber, Aimed at greater durability "RM Series". Product gross weight "47g" realize that the lightest 5600 Series! GWX-5600 A wave of solar G-LIDE first realized, the world's leading tidal point Taidogurafu of 100 places and line up new models with built-in Moon data information.

The theme of the year 2010 "Love The Sea And The Earth" was born under Model "whale dolphin" and "Surfrider Foundation (SRF) model "with the theme of environment and release of G-SHOCK & Baby-G too!

GRX-5600SRF-3JR, GW-9110-1JF, GW-9110K-7JR, GW-9200KJ-4JR, GW-S5600-1JF, GWX-5600-1JF and GWX-5600B-7JF

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BGD-1000K-2JR and BGR-3002K-3JR

Baby-G is here!


Fashion, music, sports, culture and fusion of various arts Fit in the framework of G-SHOCK watch movements throughout the world spark, "SHOCK THE WORLD" packed with the latest information.

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Last year, held in 19 cities in 11 countries worldwide, which ended in great success


Decided this year all over the world! Sapporo, Japan starting 6 / 19 (Sat) Sound Lab mole held! More the feeling of the more powerful party, and other areas Schedules
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G-SHOCK × Nakamura Limited Campaign web!

G-SHOCK.JP a limited, autographed soccer balls and player Shunsuke Nakamura In effect until June 30 to Win Campaign! We look forward to your entries a lot! !

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Latest Catalogue "G-SHOCK catalog."

G-SHOCK is now seen more PDF catalog has been updated!

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In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900-2 G-Lide Launch Party

    Posted the 31st day of May in 2010 by Riley.

Freshness Magazine has posted a bunch of photos from the In4mation x G-Shock event last week. The party was to celebrate the release of the new GLX-6900 G-Shock and Baby-G watches. This brings the total number of collaborations with Casio to five. There's ten pages of photos to look through. There was a few other G-Shocks and Baby-G models on display. And Tyko Moon was there along with a bunch of other celebrities. It looks like everyone had a good time.


In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900-2 G-Lide and Baby-G