New G-Shock Releases: Casio Japan July 2014

    Posted the 25th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Casio Japan has announced the release of three new G-Shock watches for the month of July 2014. Each one is a new GPS Hybrid GPW-1000 model. They are analog aviators with each having a unique colored design. These Sky Cockpit watches have a retail price of about $982 USD. We will have to wait and see about any export release details.


GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor Sky Cockpit GPW-1000-1AJF, GPW-1000-1BJF and GPW-1000-4AJF

Club G-SHOCK News No.153

    Posted the 25th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese.

[Latest] attention new models!
Standard radio reception function and the world's first GPS electric wave reception function, G-SHOCK of hybrid equipped with a time acquisition system of the two comes up!

Registration starts from Thursday noon June 26!
G-SHOCK hybrid "GPW-1000" launch,
Toughness tour campaign! !

Pre-sale information! G-SHOCK hybrid "GPW-1000"

Open the G-SHOCK official account on Instagram! Get the latest information!

Enforcement! G-SHOCK & BABY-G, BABY-G 20TH ANNIVERSARY Summer campaign

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Japanese Red Cross Society x G-Shock GW-400 Silencer

    Posted the 23rd day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Kung-fusion spotted this rare limited edition GW-400 Silencer over in the Yahoo Japan Auctions. This was a collaboration with the Japanese Red Cross Society. It must have been released sometime around 2005-2009. It features a few custom features. There's a logo and text on top of the display, a custom backlight image and a custom engraved case back. There's no details on how many were produced. But it was probably a very limited edition run available only in Japan.


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G-Shock East Collector Event in London

    Posted the 23rd day of June in 2014 by Riley.

The G-Shock East store in London is having a special event June 24th starting at 1pm. They will have some special discounts and giveaways. They should have a nice selection of limited editions on sale. And it's a great opportunity to meet some other G-Shock fans in the area.


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Stussy x G-Shock NTRNTNL Soccer Collection DW-5600

    Posted the 16th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Stussy has a new collaboration with Casio G-Shock. This DW-5600 limited edition is part of their NTRNTNL Soccer Collection. The white watch features some nice custom features with black printing on the band, and a custom 8-ball design in the backlight image as well as the stainless steel case back. These are only going to be available at Stussy stores. The retail price is $250 USD and is available now.


Stussy x G-Shock NTRNTNL Soccer Collection DW-5600

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Vintage DW-5600C G-Shock Restoration Project

    Posted the 12th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Over on WUS irmojon has been posting his progress on a project to restore his grandfather's vintage DW-5600C G-Shock. The resin parts have fallen apart and the crystal has some really bad scratches. He managed to find a NOS replacement bezel on an online auction, and he is determined to polish out the deep scratches. Take a look at all the photos and video to see how it's going, and check back to follow the progress.


DW-5600C G-Shock Before Shot

GW-M5630D 30th Anniversary G-Shock Review

    Posted the 9th day of June in 2014 by Riley.

Crater has posted a great review of the GW-M5630D 30th Anniversary G-Shock over on WUS. Casio released this limited edition last year. It features a special carbon fiber band with a glossy gray coating and gold accents. The gold case back, clasp and buttons add a little something special. These are reminiscent of some of the 25th Anniversary limited editions. The custom Eric Haze designed log is featured on the case back as well as the packaging. Take a good look at this G-Shock.


GW-M5630D 30th Anniversary G-Shock