In Depth Review of the GW-5000 G-Shock

    Posted the 9th day of October in 2012 by Riley.

Fer Guzman has posted this in depth review of the GW-5000 G-Shock over on the WUS forum. It's a great look at this iconic watch. Casio released this model back in 2009 as sort of an ultimate square 5600 series G. There's lots of photos, comparisons and a video review to go along with it all. Check it out and see what makes this G-Shock tick.


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Yellow Vintage Colors GW-7900CD-9JF G-Shock

    Posted the 8th day of October in 2012 by Riley.

Sjors has picked the Vintage Colors GW-7900CD-9JF G-Shock for the latest 50Gs article. This limited series came out back in 2009. This big bright G features a solar atomic module packed into its bulky case. These watches have now sold out at most retailers, but you can still pick a new one up if you look around a little.


Vintage Colors GW-7900CD-9JF G-Shock

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Casio Wins Good Design 2012 Awards

    Posted the 5th day of October in 2012 by Riley.

Casio Japan has announced that four of their products have won Good Design awards picked by the Japan Society for the Promotion of public interest design. Three watches won the prize, and one little printer. The only G-Shock of the bunch is the GW-A1000, and there was also an Edifice watch and Protrek watch too. Each features a new a unique design that stands out from the crowd.



Thanks yschow.

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White Albino Panda G-8900A-7 G-Shock

    Posted the 1st day of October in 2012 by Riley.

Sjors is covering the G-8900A-7 G-Shock this week over on 50Gs. Casio released this white model last year in 2011. This watch has a sharp look with the gray and silver accents complementing the white resin nicely. Check out all the photos and details to see what this G-Shock has to offer. They are still readily available at this time.


White Albino Panda G-8900A-7 G-Shock

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New G-Shock Videos

    Posted the 28th day of September in 2012 by Riley.

Fwupow has a new review of the 30th Anniversary GW-M5630A 'Rising Red' G-Shock with the Eric Haze designed Logo.

Gshockus has posted this new G-Shock X Eric Haze GA110EH-8A collaboration video.

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Club G-SHOCK News No.127

    Posted the 28th day of September in 2012 by Riley.

Automatically translated from Japanese.

Publish the new products launched in October

If you check the latest models, access now!

In conjunction with the iPhone in addition to feature-enabled smartphones Birthday G-SHOCK Bluetooth-enabled (R) Low Energy

· New Color Series "Navy Blue" that features solar radio waves appeared

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Eric Haze GA-110EH-8AJR G-Shock

    Posted the 20th day of September in 2012 by Riley.

This week Sjors has a special 50Gs post for the new Eric Haze GA-110EH-8AJR G-Shock he just received. This limited edition G-Shock just came out in Japan, and we haven't seen too many of these watches out in the wild yet. Now is your chance to give this G-Shock a thorough going over to see if you want to pick one up. Take a look and find out.


Eric Haze x Casio G-Shock GA-110EH-8AJR