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AW-500NS-2ET AW-500NS-3ET AW-500NS-7E1T AW-500NS-7E2T AW-500NS-7E3T AW-500NS-8ET
AW-570MS-8T AW-570Y-9T AW-571-1A AW-571-9A AW-571BM-1T DW-004ASJ-2T
DW-004ASJ-7T DW-004ASJ-8AT DW-004ASJ-8BT DW-004ASJ-9T DW-004BD-2T DW-004BD-3T
DW-004BD-6T DW-004BD-8T DW-004BD-9T DW-004E-1AT DW-004E-1CT DW-004E-2BT
DW-004E-2CT DW-004E-3BT DW-004E-4DT DW-004E-5AT DW-004E-6DT DW-004XS-1T
DW-004XS-2T DW-004XS-4T DW-004XS-9T DW-6900WF-1T DW-6900WF-2T DW-6900WF-4T
DW-6900WF-7T DW-6900WF-8T DW-8200BM-1T DW-8200MS-8T DW-8201WC-2T DW-8201WC-7T
DW-8201WC-8T DW-8201WC-9T DW-8250Y-9T DW-8400BM-1T DW-8400Y-9T DW-8600BM-1T
DW-8600KJ-2T DW-8600KJ-7T DW-8600KJ-8T DW-8600MS-8T DW-8600YJ-9T DW-8800AJ-2AT
DW-8800AJ-2BT DW-8800AJ-7AT DW-8800AJ-7BT DW-8800AJ-8T DW-9100BM-1T DW-9100MS-8T
DW-9100YJ-9T DW-9200K-2AT DW-9200K-2BT DW-9200K-4T DW-9200K-7T DW-9200K-8T
DW-9200K-9AT DW-9200K-9BT DW-9300BM-1T DW-9300GA-4T DW-9300J-1 DW-9300J-9
DW-9300MS-8T DW-9350J-1T DW-9350J-8T DW-9350J-9T DW-9350MSJ-2T DW-9500HH-2T
DW-9500HH-4T DW-9500HH-9T DW-9500RL-1T DW-9500RL-4T DW-9500RL-5T DW-9500RL-7T
DW-9500RL-9T DW-9500RX-5T DW-9500SR-2T DW-9500SR-3T DW-9500SR-4T DW-9500SR-8T
DW-9500SR-9T DW-9500XS-2T DW-9500XS-3T DW-9500XS-4T DW-9500XS-7T DW-9500XS-8T
DW-9550BN-1T DW-9550BN-2T DW-9550BN-5T DW-9550HB-2T DW-9550HB-4T DW-9550HB-9T
DW-9550HV-1T DW-9550HV-2T DW-9550HV-5T DW-9550RX-9T DW-9600WC-2T DW-9600WC-3AT
DW-9600WC-3BT DW-9600WC-7T DW-9600WC-8T DW-9600WC-9T DWM-100-1T DWM-100-2T
DWM-100-7T DWX-100-2T DWX-100-3T DWX-100-4AT DWX-100-4BT DWX-100-8T
DWX-100-9AT DWX-100-9BT DWX-101-1T DWX-101-2T DWX-101-9T GS-100-1A
GS-100-1B GS-100D-1A GS-100G-9A GS-500-1A GS-500-1B GS-500D-1A
GS-500D-1B GS-500G-9A GS-500G-9B GT-001P-1T GT-001P-7T GT-002C-1
GT-003CT-4T GT-003CT-6T GT-003LT-1T GT-003LT-2T GT-003LT-8AT GT-003LT-8BT
GT-003M-2T GT-003M-3T GT-003PF-2T GT-003PF-4T GT-003PF-7AT GT-003PF-7BT
GT-003PF-7CT GT-004BJ-1 GT-004BJ-7 GT-004BJ-8 GT-004LJ-7 GT-004S-3T
GT-004S-4T GT-004TM-7T GT-004TM-8T GT-005-1 GT-005B-2 GT-005B-7
GT-005TM-1T GT-006BJ-1 GT-006BJ-7 GT-006BJ-8 GT-006CJ-1 GT-006LJ-7
GT-006S-2T GT-006S-9T GT-006TM-1T GT-006TM-7AT GT-006TM-7BT GT-007-1
GT-007B-5 GT-007B-7 GT-007M-7T GT-008BJ-1 GT-008BJ-7 GT-008BJ-8
GT-008CJ-1 GT-008LJ-7 GT-008S-2T GT-008S-3T GT-008TM-2T GT-008TM-4T
GT-008TM-5T GT-009-1 GT-009B-2 GT-009B-7 G-WCUP98-B G-WCUP98-R
G-WCUP98-W LOV98A-1 LOV98A-2 LOV98B-1 LOV98B-2 LOV98B-3
MRG-1000-7 MRG-1000T-1 MRG-1000T-8 MRG-1001T-2 MRG-100WF-7T MRG-120WF-1AT
MRG-121-8A MRG-121T-1A MRG-121T-8A MRG-130-1A MRG-130T-1A MRG-130T-8A
MRG-130TGR-7A MRG-130TR-3A MRG-200TBN-9 MRG-200TZ-2 MRG-200TZ-5 MRG-210TZ-3
MRG-210TZ-6 MRG-220-7 MRG-220T-1 MRG-220T-8 MRG-220TGR-1

These are all the Japanese model numbers. Most export versions have a DR on the end instead of the JF. CR and ER are also popular model number suffixes in some markets.

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