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DW-004SG-8JF DW-056GM-9JF DW-069GM-9JF DW-5600CF-2JF DW-5600CF-3JF DW-5600CF-8JF
DW-5600RR-1JF DW-5600V-1JF DW-5750SG-8JF DW-6100CF-3JF DW-6100CF-8JF DW-6900RR-8JF
DW-9000SG-8JF DW-9500SG-8JF G-100ND-1BJF G-100ND-2B1JF G-100ND-2B2JF G-100ND-5BJF
G-100RB-9JF G-100SG-8JF G-100V-1JF G-2300GM-9JF G-2300RE-9JF G-2301BC-1JF
G-2310AK-7JR G-2310BC-1JF G-2310K-2JR G-2700-1JF G-2700RB-9JF G-2800-1JF
G-2800-2JF G-2800-8JF G-2800BC-1JF G-2800K-2JR G-2800RE-3JF G-2801BC-1JF
G-2900-1AJF G-2900-1BJF G-2900-2JF G-3010HH-2JF G-3010HH-8JF G-3011HH-1JF
G-3100ED-8JF G-3101FD-8JF G-3200-1JF G-5600-1JF G-5600-9JF GL-150TC-8JF
GL-151-2AJF GL-151-2JF GL-151-4AJF GL-151-4JF GL-151-8JF GL-151-9AJF
GL-160-2JF GL-160-3JF GL-160-8JF GL-160TC-7JF GL-170-1JR GL-170-2JR
GL-170-3JR GL-170-8JR GS-300BW-1AJF GS-300BW-7AJF GW-200BC-1JF GW-200GM-9JF
GW-202AK-7JR GW-202K-2JR GW-300GJ-9JF GW-300J-1JF GW-300J-2JF GW-300J-9JF
GW-300LVJ-7JF GW-300MJ-8JF GW-300VJ-1JF GW-300VJ-4JF GW-300VJ-8JF LOV-02A-7JR
LOV-02B-7JR MTG-502-1BJF MTG-502-2BJF MTG-512-1AJF MTG-520-1AJF MTG-520-8BJF
MTG-520M-2AJF MTG-520M-4BJF MTG-530LV-7AJF MTG-700-1JF MTG-700-2JF MTG-700L-1JF
MTG-700L-2JF MTG-700L-4JF MTG-700LV-7JF MTG-700M-1JF MTG-700M-9JF MTG-900DJ-2AJF

These are all the Japanese model numbers. Most export versions have a DR on the end instead of the JF. CR and ER are also popular model number suffixes in some markets.

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