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First manufactured in 1994




Features and Specifications

  • Time display in 12-hour or 24-hour format. In regular timekeeping mode, the current home time is displayed to the second, along with the month, date, and day of the week, without any button presses.
  • Auto-calendar correctly calculates month lengths, leap years and days-of-the-week between 1985 and 2029.
  • Alarm: One alarm. An unusual feature is that in addition to the hour and minute, a month and/or date may optionally be set, so the alarm will only sound during the specified month or on the specified day of the month.
  • Time signal (hourly chime.)
  • Dual time: Hours and minutes can be set separately for a second time zone (seconds are synchronized with the home time.) The current home time is also displayed in dual time mode.
  • Countdown timer: Can be set for any duration from one second up to 24 hours, in one-second increments; optional auto-repeat function. The current home time is also displayed in countdown timer mode.
  • Stopwatch: 1/100th second, with one split; rolls over at 24 hours.
  • Illumination: Backlight is via a tiny incandescent bulb at the left edge of the display.
  • Reminder mark: A peculiar feature seldom seen on newer watches, this is a user-enabled display flag which slowly blinks in all modes. It has no function except to serve as a visual reminder to the wearer.
  • Shock-resistant design, intended to survive a 10-meter fall.
  • Water resistant to 200 meters.
  • Battery: One lithium button cell, CR2320 in older models (module 691) or CR2016 in newer models (module 901.) Either was expected to last ten years or more.


I still have the watch since 1994. Over time the rubber band dried up and broke in to pieces. Got a new band around my watch and it is like new again. Did everything u could think of with it, including diving, jumping out of airplanes etc etc.

Limited Editions and Variations

Parts Information

This watch was worn by Tom Cruise in the 1996 movie "Mission Impossible".

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