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G-Shock History

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The G-Shock Origin: DW-5000

The first G-Shock released was the DW-5000C-1A in April of 1983. Image:DW-5000C-1A.jpg

The Story of How Kikuo Ibe Developed the G-Shock Watch

In 1981, the Casio project team came up with the idea of "Triple Ten", that is, to build an ultimate watch which has 10 years life, water resistance up to 10 atmosphere, and endures the shock even when dropped to the ground from 10 meters height. To develop a watch endure the shock of free fall caused by gravity -- that was their concept. The name of the product "G-SHOCK" fully reflects the concept.

"Watches are thin and fragile --- that was the common sense. I wanted to challenge it". The man led the project team of G-SHOCK's development said, looking back the beginning.

The title of "G" means --- The shock from fall can be the hardest shock for human being. The energy of shoot at hockey game could be, how strong it may be, dispersed by the bent of stick or the position of the person who receive it. However, the energy of fall won't be dispersed and can be ultimate damaging energy. "The resolution of the damaging energy" is the concept of "G". "G" has the ability. It doesn't mean that "G" is unbreakable regardless of the place and height it would be dropped, but "G" will work as long as the owner lives. That is the "G".

In 1983 the very first G-SHOCK was marketed under the product name "DW-5000C." Over 30 versions of the original form factor G-SHOCK have appeared on the market since; low-temperature proof models, mud-proof watches highly resistant to mud or dirt, versions with built-in temperature sensors, pressure sensors and other support features, a diver's watch and more.

Indeed, the saga of the G-SHOCK can be said to comprise an ongoing series of revolutions which have truly shaken up the world of watches again and again.

Full Listing of All G-Shock Watches

List of Every G-Shock Model - The most complete listing of G-Shock models in this wiki.

Interactive History of G-Shock Timeline - Flash timeline made by Casio USA.

Casio's Website for G-Shock History

G-Shock Milestones

Year Features Model
1983 World’s first shock-resistant wristwatch DW-5000C-1A
1985 Square-shaped face with dust/dirt-proof construction DW-5500C-1
1987 Best-selling model and successor to the square-shaped DW-5000 DW-5600C-1
1987 Circular-shaped model DW-5700C-1V
1989 Adopted a combination of analog and digital display AW-500-1E
1990 First hit model in Japan, employing a new face design DW-5900C-1 / DW-6000GJ-1
1993 First Frogman diving model, water resistant to a depth of 200 meters DW-6300-1A
1994 Equipped with EL backlight DW-6600
1994 First model supporting environmental protection "Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network" Model
1994 Shock-resistant wristwatch for women (first Baby-G model) DW-520
1996 Pair of G-SHOCK and Baby-G watches (his and hers) Lover’s Collection
1996 Full-metal casing with shock-resistant construction MRG-100
1998 Tough Solar G-SHOCK with solar-powered mechanism DW-9300
2000 Wave Ceptor watch with radio-controlled timekeeping GW-100
2002 Solar-powered radio-controlled watch GW-300
2005 5-motor chronograph module with multiple functions GS-1000

G-Shock Limited Edition Anniversary Models

The following are G-Shocks issued to mark the G-Shock Anniversary






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