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Guide to the Best G-Shock Shopping Around the World

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G-Shocks can be found for sale all over the world. This page is a collection of some of the best shopping places for them. Asia by far if the best region for finding a wide selection of G-Shocks in watch stores. Add your favorites below.




  • If you're keen on checking out G-Shocks and other electronic goodies you'll find it all at Yodobashi Camera (the store in Akiba is incredibly massive, you'll need a whole day just for that place) and BIC Camera is good. And don't forget to visit the G-Shock Store in Odaiba. Odaiba's a nice place to spend the day, lots of cool shops and a great location to just hang.

Also you must go to Ueno, a bit of everything there. Real mish mash but all fun. The street market area in particular is awesome but can be madness with the crowds, espcially on weekends. And the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo is always a nice place to relax and walk around. It's close to Ginza which is another must-visit area for all things luxurious. The hi end watch brand boutiques are all there. -kiwidj

  • Just wandering around Shinjuku is a blast, check out the big park in Shinjuku, it's very nice. The department stores can be a blast, Tokyu Hands is nifty.

Ueno Park for sure! If you like museums, the main Japanese art museum in Ueno is ridiculous. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, garments, paintings, swords, armor... Awesome. And there is a zoo and other fun stuff in the park. There are a couple very neat shrines in Ueno Park as well, and a very moving memorial to the victims of the nuclear bombs.

Go to Shibuya, it is pretty wild, giant video screen billboards, busiest crosswalk in the world... Pretty nuts.

If you want to check out some upscale shops, and also "urban" fashion boutiques, Harajuku is a must. If you hit Harajuku on a weekend there are sure to be a bunch of crazy kids in crazy outfits, like "goth lolita" -- yeah.

Some general observations about Tokyo, and visiting Japan in general (I realized a life-long dream to go last fall, and it was one of the best experiences of my life):

• Finding places to eat can seem a little intimidating for non-Japanese speakers. Just go for it, throw caution to the wind! A lot of places, even tiny ones, will have english menus. Most little ramen/noodle joints have this utterly confusing system where you put money into a machine to get a ticket (representing the meal/options you want), you stick it ont he counter when yous it down, and they make it for you. You've already paid. But if you don't read Japanese, D'oh! So, smile, and feel free to point at the plastic food they have in the window and the folks at the restaurant will help you out.

• Yakitori rocks! Chicken hearts are my favorite, no joke!

• If you like alcohol, drink some Sho-chu (Korean/Jaoanese vodka), and def. Sake and Japanese beer!

• People are friendly, but you may feel a bit like an alien! But it's fun!

• The trains are awesome, but the system is STUPIDLY-extensive. There is one main ring that goes around Tokyo, and that is practically the only line you need to use. Stops are printed/spoken in English! Using the ticket machine at train stations is a little tough, but if memory serves you can get it to display in English? All you really have to do is look at the big display, it shows how many yen each stop away from you is, drop the money int he machine for the correct amount, and have it spit out the ticket.

• I highly recommend throwing yourself into situations to a degree, with a smile on your face, act as politely as you can, and you will meet interesting people and have a great time!

• Tokyo is pretty overwhelming -- I love New York City, spend a good amount of time there, and Tokyo in some ways makes New York seem... simple. But just take it in, you'll dig it!

• You can do Tokyo for pretty cheap, however, you will end up spending a BUNCH of money most likely, because there is so much great STUFF!

• Do NOT go to hostess bars, just stay away, resist the urge! The "seedier" (by Japanese standards, anyway) sections of Shinjuku will have a ton of dudes trying to get you to go into hostess bars, just forget it!

Have a great time, it's been less than a year since I went and I already want to go back very badly. I miss it a ton. I spent most of my time in Tokyo but I took the shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto for 3 days/2 nights, and that was AMAZING -- so many palaces/gardens/shrines/castles... Wow! -Nicky G

Hong Kong

  • Javy's is the premiere G-Shock location in Hong Kong.

There's also a couple small malls I go to near Mong Kok station that each have 4 or 5 shops with lots and lots of G-Shocks. One is the Sino Centre (580 Nathan Road). And the other one is Trendy Zone and it's in Chow Tai Fook Center (580A Nathan Road).

Another good place sometimes for G-Shocks is Mirador Mansion (54-64 Nathan Road, Kowloon). There's a lot of shops carrying Casios, but it's more hit or miss.

There's also a chain of watch stores called City Chain that carry a decent selection. Those are all over Hong Kong, but they all pretty much have the same models.


  • The shops at Bencoolen selling G-Shock at the cheapest price in town. It is located nearby Bugis Street.
  • If you are afraid that the G-Shocks from above may be fake, check out Casio's official stores named G-Factory - more info at


  • I found a G-Shock Store. Here're the directions (not 100% reliable):

- Take MRT and get off at Jhongsiao Sinsheng Station. - The G-Shock Store is on Sihsheng S. Rd. (?)

  • Some big department stores also had a lot of models:

- Take MRT and get off at Jhongshan Station. - Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store on Nanjing W. Rd. (

  • I found a store in Gongguan night market (selection okay):

- Take MRT and get off at Gongguan Station. - I think this store is on the side of the night market that faces the university. -studentize


  • The MBK Shopping Mall has lots of good watch shops.
  • Winner Time, 7-8 2nd Floor Bonanza Mall, Opp MBK, 10:30 - 20:30


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North America


Spare parts normally carry many different models Watch It has a nice collection of G Shocks and other Casio watches The Bay normally has a small shelf, some very great prices


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United States

  • The G-Shock concept shop in NYC. It's located in the big Tourneau TimeMachine store at East 57th and Madison Avenue.
  • The G-Shock concept shop in Los Angeles. It's located in new Altivo Timepieces store at 7221 Melrose Avenue.
  • Many Macy's department stores carry G-Shocks and usually has a few nice limited edtions.
  • Wal-Mart has a few low end models.
  • Kohl's usually carries a few low end G-Shocks.
  • Sears carries a few G-Shocks usually.
  • Macy's
  • Nordstrom

South America


Windmill on Frontstreet in St. Maarten (Caribbean) has got all the regular models and usually quite a few limited editions.


South America Colombia Bogotá the only and first g factory in latin america located in the north of Bogotá at the mall centro comercial santafé

located:Calle 185 No.45 - 03 - Costado Occidental Autopista Norte. PBX: 6050707 SERVICENTRO CASIO store: N1-063

floor: 1


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