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Bands and Strap Adapters

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Most G-Shock models have resin bands that are held in with spring bars. To have a cloth or zulu style band a G-Shock needs two plastic or resin strap adapters that the strap can be fed through. Resin bands are limited to certain sizes by the spacing of the holes. While nylon cloth straps can be more widely adjusted since the a secured with Velcro or a different type of buckle.


Online Sources for Genuine Casio Replacement Bands

NATO Strap & Adapters FAQ

Which G-Shocks are compatible with strap adapters?


  • Any G-Shock that can accept a standard 16mm spring bar should be compatible.
  • End pieces (aka strap adapters) for 5xxx series: Casio part #74243710

How are strap adapters attached to the module?

  • Most strap adapters use a spring bar, just like a resin band.

Where can I buy Nato/Zulu/Maratec bands or straps?

Where can I buy strap adapters to use with Nato/Zulu/Maratec bands?

What is the best size strap to fit the genuine Casio strap adapters?

  • 22mm or 24mm will fit, but the 24mm fills the width better.

Can you put a zulu strap on a G-5500?

  • Short answer: You can't use the Zulu adapter on a 5500.
  • Long answer: You can't really use the Zulu adapter on a 5500.

Well, you can, but the problem is that the supplied resin band is an integrated part of the bezel. If you take the band off, then there's nothing to secure the bezel to the watch body, so it can just flop about (and be ripped off the watch quite easily).

I sacrificed a resin strap to make this work. I cut the little lugs off the ends of the strap, and used them on their own purely to hold the bezel on to the case. Then I attached the Zulu adapters. That makes it sound easy; it's actually quite a fiddly job, though once you get practise you can do it in a few seconds.

Anyway, the result looks like this: Image:G-5500-zulu-adapter.jpg by Pat Galea

How do you fix a loose strap adapter on a Frogman?

  • A quick solution to fix this is take apart a cheap bic pen, cut a piece off of the end of the ink refill, then slice with a razor two slim collars that you can use to take up the free space on your spring bars. -Kdarmy

Mil-Shock Mod: How-to Guide with Photos

Adjusting Metal Bracelet Bands

How to resize a metal watch band - Tutorial with pics that shows how to adjust and re-size metal watch bands with links.

How to Fix a Loose Strap Holder

Here's how you get the strap keeper to better hold on, so the band doesn't slip out all the time:

I took a pair of pliers and put pressure on the keeper flattening it out and put the blow dryer to it. I then cooled it off while still applying the pressure and she now holds tight and doesn't move at all. The best thing is you don't even notice that anything was done to the keeper. -falcon4311

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