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The DW-5600C is one of Casio's classic G-Shock models. It case is made of a heavy stainless steel screwback "tuna can." (Most current G-Shocks use a resin or composite case, and a stamped metal back held on by four screws.) Internal shock absorbing materials, a thick mineral-glass crystal, and a replaceable protective resin bezel make the design resilient enough to withstand most any abuse.



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Parts Information

  • DW-5600C O ring gasket - Casio part #72045696
  • Black Bezel - Casio part #72101103 $5.50
  • Silver/Steel Bezel Screw - Casio part #74263948 $0.50
  • Black band with silver buckle: Casio part #70360110 $7.00
  • screwback case back gaskets 72045696 $0.50 in stock
  • spring bars: Casio part #74276555 $0.50



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