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Dye a G-Shock

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Dyeing Procedure:

  • 1. Remove the bezel and resin bands from the watch module (see Repair and Disassembly).
  • 2. Set aside the module, screws, and spring bars.
  • 3. Heat a pot of water (big enough and deep enough to fully submerge parts) to just below boiling (bubbles and dye don't work well together).
  • 4. Add a small spoonful of salt to the water (to help the dye take).
  • 5. Mix in some RIT dye (not the whole box usually) into the hot water (dye amount varies by color - go easy on the bluish ones).
  • 6. Turn the burner down or off to prevent boiling when the parts are in the water.
  • 7. Test the dyed water on a piece of paper towel or something to make sure it's the color you want.
  • 8. Place resin parts into the dyed hot water.
  • 9. Stir gently every 1-2 minutes and check on the parts occasionally (to check color and make sure there's no clumps of particles)
  • 10. After 5-30 minutes (less time for a lighter color) remove resin parts (use tongs or something).
  • 11. Rinse off the resin parts with lots of water.
  • 12. Soak for 10-15 minutes in a half white vinegar and half water solution (to keep dyed color).
  • 13. Wash thoroughly with soap and warm water (prevent a colored wrist).
  • 14. Reassemble carefully and admire the newly colored G-Shock.

Before: orange-dye-02.jpg

After: orange-dye-08.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What types of G-Shocks can you dye?

The best types for dyeing are clear jellies and white (non-glossy) resin bands and bezels. You can always dye a color darker, but there's no way to dye parts lighter (e.g., you can't dye black parts).

How do you get the right color?

Always experiment on something like a paper towel first, especially if mixing dyes. Old resin parts would be great for testing if you have any. And always start light and slowly add more dye when going for lighter colors.

How do you prevent the dye from bleeding?

You can cure the dye by adding some salt to the water during the dye procedure or soaking it in a vinegar solution afterwards. Simmer the parts for 10-15 min. in water with some vinegar added. The vinegar can act as a fixative for the dye. Then wash very well and let dry. Most dyes require some acid to get them to fix properly in most plastics. Some dyes don't take the acid well but will be "neutralized" when acid is present. There is some risk of discoloration if you use the vinegar, so be warned. You may end up needing to re-dye it.

Will the dye affect painted text?

Yes, darker dyes will affect painted text on a G-Shock band or bezel, but it's unlikely that it will completely change the color of the text. Lighter colored text (like white and yellow) will be more affected than darker text (like black and red). They dye might not evenly color the text. It tends to affect the edges more than the middle sometimes. You can always remove the paint from the resin by stealthing it. Or you can paint over the text after dyeing.

Are there any risks to dyeing a G-Shock?

  • Never risk a watch you really care about you have some good dyeing experience.
  • You can end up with some funky colors if you're not careful.
  • You can always dye it black if it goes terribly wrong.
  • If you don't properly wash and cure the dye it will bleed off onto anything it touches.
  • RIT dye is very concentrated, so be careful that you don't get it on anything you don't want colored.

Available RIT Dye Colors:

Color chart of all the currently avaiable colors (most stores only carry a few though).

Alternatives to RIT Dye

Dylon dye has been known to work well on G-Shocks too - For Black - Dylon Multi Purpose dye 75p from Woolworths. Ebony number 8 works well. -Mint G

Custom Color Formulas:

Mix and match the standard RIT colors into a wide variety of new colors:

Examples of Dyed G-Shocks

Can you dye the shiny resin parts (like on a G-8000)?

Yes, but you need to use some paint thinner first - Shiny Silver G-8000 Dye Project:

How to Paint a G-Shock

  • Model paint, like Testors, has been found to work well for painting text on G-Shocks.
  • Use a very fine brush or a toothpick to paint, and wipe off any stray paint carefully before it dries.
  • More info on how to paint the letters/text on a G-Shock -

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