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This wiki is home to all manner of Casio G-Shock watch resources and information. Everything found on these pages has been contributed by G-Shock fans and collectors. Please feel free to make any additions or corrections.

This project will continuously grow and evolve based on the interactions of G-Shockers from around the world. It's already the most comprehensive resource online for these Casio watches, but there's still much more to add.

G-Shock Models and History

Chronological Listing of G-Shocks - Comprehensive listing of G-Shock models by release year.

Model Listing with Module Numbers - A full listing of G-Shock model numbers with all known module numbers.

G-Shock Collaboration Models - All of the G-Shocks designed by third parties (work in progress).

More G-Shock History

Watch Archive G-Shock Section

Everything You Need To Know

Manuals, Catalogs and Documentation - Reference material, catalogs and other material.

Parts, Tools, and Supplies - What you need to restore, modify or repair your watch.

Reviews and Videos - Watch and read about about people and there G's.

Blogs, News, and Links - External links to G-Shock stuff on other websites.

Trivia and FAQ - All the common questions and some extraneous minutiae.

Advanced G-Shock How-To Guides

Atomic Sync Signal - How does a Casio sync its time to a radio signal?

Bands and Strap Adapters - All about the parts that hold the watch on your wrist.

Buying and Selling - What you need to know about finding and ridding yourself of G-Shocks.

Change a Battery - Eventually you'll probably need to replace a watch battery.

Dye a G-Shock - Change the color easily.

Moon and Tide Graphs - How to set the crazy things and make it work.

Repair and Disassembly - Fix and tear down your watch the proper way.

Stealthing and Painting - Modify the look of your G-Shock to your own taste.

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Atomic Sync SignalGeneral Discussion
Bands and Strap AdaptersBuy / Sell / Trade
Buying and Selling
Change a Battery
Dye a G-Shock
Moon and Tide Graphs
Repair and Disassembly
Stealthing and Painting
Blogs, News, and Links
G-Shock HistorySubmit
Manuals and Documentation
Parts, Tools, and Supplies
Reviews and Videos
Trivia and FAQ
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DISCLAIMER: This website is in NO WAY affiliated with CASIO AMERICA, INC or any other Casio company. We just love G-Shocks.