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This Wiki is home to all manner of Casio G-Shock watch resources and information. Everything found on these pages has been contributed by G-Shock fans and collectors. Please feel free to make any additions or corrections. The community has maintained this wiki for over six years and growing.

This project will continuously grow and evolve based on the interactions of G-Shockers from around the world. It's already the most comprehensive resource online for these Casio watches, but there's still much more to add.

G-Shock Models and History

Chronological Listing of G-Shocks - Comprehensive listing of G-Shock models by release year.

Model Listing with Module Numbers - A full listing of G-Shock model numbers with all known module numbers.

G-Shock Collaboration Models - All of the G-Shocks designed by third parties (work in progress).

More G-Shock History

Watch Archive G-Shock Section

Everything You Need To Know

Manuals, Catalogs and Documentation - Reference material, catalogs and other material.

Parts, Tools, and Supplies - What you need to restore, modify or repair your watch.

Reviews and Videos - Watch and read about about people and there G's.

Blogs, News, and Links - External links to G-Shock stuff on other websites.

Trivia and FAQ - All the common questions and some extraneous minutiae.

Advanced G-Shock How-To Guides

Atomic Sync Signal - How does a Casio sync its time to a radio signal?

Bands and Strap Adapters - All about the parts that hold the watch on your wrist.

Buying and Selling - What you need to know about finding and ridding yourself of G-Shocks.

Change a Battery - Eventually you'll probably need to replace a watch battery.

Dye a G-Shock - Change the color easily.

Moon and Tide Graphs - How to set the crazy things and make it work.

Repair and Disassembly - Fix and tear down your watch the proper way.

Stealthing and Painting - Modify the look of your G-Shock to your own taste.

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Atomic Sync SignalGeneral Discussion
Bands and Strap AdaptersBuy / Sell / Trade
Buying and Selling
Change a Battery
Dye a G-Shock
Moon and Tide Graphs
Repair and Disassembly
Stealthing and Painting
Blogs, News, and Links
G-Shock HistorySubmit
Manuals and Documentation
Parts, Tools, and Supplies
Reviews and Videos
Trivia and FAQ
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DISCLAIMER: This website is in NO WAY affiliated with CASIO AMERICA, INC or any other Casio company. We just love G-Shocks.