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Stealth a G-Shock

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What is stealthing?

  • Essentially, a "stealthed" G-Shock has a lack of colored features. The classic stealthed G-Shock is completely black with no colored text on the band or bezel. This look was probably inspired by the Real Black series of limited edition G-Shocks released in 2005. The simplest and most popular way to stealth a G-Shock is to remove the paint from the bezel and band with a paint remover like Goo-Gone Extreme or Goof Off. A negative LCD is often seen on a stealthed G-Shock, but this is not required. It's a rather loose term that can applied in describing modified G-Shocks or the minimal appearance of Casio designed models.

Step-by-step Procedure

  1. Purchase some Goof Off - great for removing G-Shock paint.
  2. Remove band and/or bezel from your G-Shock.
  3. Locate everything in a very well-ventilated location to save brain cells. Outside is best. It's quite a noxious substance.
  4. Place enough Goof Off in a container to fully submerge the painted part of the resin parts.
  5. Soak the parts in the Goof Off for 10-20 minutes. Check occasionally to see if the paint is loosening (prodding with a tooth pick carefully is one way to go).
  6. Prolonged soaking in the Goof Off might not be good for the resin, so try to keep it to the minimum time necessary.
  7. Use a toothbrush (or other soft tool) to gently scrub the paint off the parts.
  8. Repeat soaking and gentle scrubbing until all paint is removed.
  9. Really stubborn paint can take longer. Trying scrubbing with the toothbrush while submerged in Goof Off.
  10. Rinse off the parts thoroughly with soap and water.
  11. Let the parts sit out in a well ventilated area to remove smell (1-24 hours).
  12. Put the G-Shock parts back together and enjoy.

NOTE: Some have reported problems with soaking the entire resin part in Goof Off. If you would like to be more careful and better protect the resin parts, you can not soak the parts, but rather dab on the Goof Off to the painted area with a toothbrush or q-tip. It just takes a while longer.


  • Regular Goof Off can melt some types of plastics. It's only recommended for use/contact with resin. Goof Off 2 is safer for certain types of plastics, but always be careful with each.
  • Goof Off is strong stuff and very noxious. It's quite poisonous and flammable, so it should be used with great care.
  • I Use Goo-Gone Extreme. it is similar to acetone and doesn't require soaking, just a few squirts and minor scrubbing w/ a toothbrush. However, this WILL MELT OTHER PLASTICS LIKE THE LIGHT BUTTON ON DW-6900's

Alternatives to Goof Off

  • WUS user sharpie in Germany found Revell Airbrush Clean to be a good product for removing paint on his G-Shock. It can be found in hobby shops.
  • EVO-STICK Adhesive Cleaner and it is available from the likes of B&Q for £2.98 for a 250ml tin. Just be careful with EVO-STICK. I left my DW-5600 bezel in it for about 35min, and it stretched a bit, and is now a little big for the module. -dean0070_8

Photo Examples

Image:Dw-069bk-1vjf.jpg Image:Dw-8200bk-1jf.jpg

Image:Goof-off-before-02.jpg Image:Goof-off-after-01.jpg

Painting a G-Shock

  • Testors model paint works well for painting text on G-Shocks -
  • Any Acrylic paint works equally good or better because it is flexible when dried, it's also more readily available. There are whole aisles of the paints in different colors, gloss finishes, w/ glitter, and occasionally in glow in the dark and fluorescent colors.
  • Nail polish also works, but is not as recommended.
  • Use a very fine brush or a toothpick to paint, and wipe off any stray paint carefully before it dries. If the paint smears and dries, use a Q-Tip dampened w/ Goo-Gone extreme over the letters and this wont remove the paint you want in the grooves.
  • Additional coats may be necessary.
  • More info on how to paint the letters/text on a G-Shock -

Advanced Stealthing Techniques

If you want to really customize a G-Shock you can paint the module or completely disassemble the watch module and customize face or other internals.

Reversing the LCD

Painting the Face

Painting the Case


Totally stealthed DW-8200 Frogman project: Image:100_37396gzn.jpg

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