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OT casio G-shock VS timex ironman

  1. Hi,

    I was debating whether to post this thread here but I realize that most of us here own these watches. So here goes...I've been using g-shocks for many years, right now I have the DW-6600 and the seaman diver's model. I've been having condensation problems with all of them in winter as I work outdoors. My DW-6600 was checked at the casio serivce center for waterproofness after having the rubber seals replaced. Nevertheless that did not remedy the problem. I was told that the problem lies with my wrist as it transmits too much heat (go figure). Therefore I got myself a new timex ironman shock model that does not have any condensation whastoever so I'm woundering is this problem unique to me? Or does anyone here have similar problems, also if u care enough to write how u rate those watches.

    Please help.

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