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Restoring a AWG-M500BY-1AJR

  1. mattP


    I was way behind the game on getting one of these when they came out. It's nearly impossible to find one new, and difficult to find one used. Even when found used, they tend to be a little worn.

    My question is this: What other models have interchangeable parts. The insides are good, but the outsides (Bezel, Band, Case, etc) need to be replaced. I've asked PacParts in the US for help, but don't know what they'll tell me.

    It looks like the resin and materials used on the AWG-M510-1AJF are very similar. Would the parts be useable? Maybe even the battery?

    My thought is to take the internals from the AWG-M500BY-1AJR and move them into a donor AWG-M510-1AJF...

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. Riley


    You can search in the Watch Archive for more model numbers. And if you look up the module number you might find other models that have a compatible design.

    Posted 6 years ago #


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